Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I saw a college friend today, one with whom I have shared a lot of my collegiate hopes and illusions. Boys were a favorite topic then, and I remember her wish list for her dream guy:

Tall, dark, brown-eyed, nicely cut toenails, white teeth, Harvard graduate, loves to cook, has a nice laugh, watches the news and loves dogs. (Her thing is teeth).

I learned today she got her wish (except for the dark part since her hubby’s fair-skinned, and he didn’t graduate from Harvard --- but he lives in Yale, Cubao). Inevitably, she asked about me (obviously, I’m also one to feel the pressure about being dateless). I said I’m still searching for my man whose qualifications were supposed to be (and she remembered too):

Clean cut hair, smooth nape, strong arms (no weightlifter’s muscles, just clean curves and lines), loves to read and watch movies, loves to eat, knows how to clean the house and wash clothes (I can forego this if he’s rich enough to afford a maid), graduate from UP or Ateneo (oddly, La Salle was never an option), funny, reasonably smart and unbelievably kind. (My thing being the makinis na batok).

She said her wish list helped. I said mine was absolutely useless. The thing is, she advised me to look in places I didn’t expect love to be. And I answered, where would that be? Jail? Maguindanao? London Bridge?

She laughed sooo hard --- I still can’t believe she thought I was joking. I mean, seriously, if Love’s gonna be somewhere unexpected what’s the point of expecting it? Searching for it will just drive you insane, so why risk catching something my Medicard would not pay for?

I’m glad she’s happy. But I think there’s still some truth to that saying where you could list down all the things you want from a man, but when the right person comes, your list will fly out the window, because you’d realize that here is somebody who is everything you need.

I have to say though that it wouldn’t hurt if God gives me somebody who’d fit at least some of the traits on the abovementioned list. J I mean, it would be really sad if my man’s La Sallian. Hehe!

Just kidding.

I think.

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