Saturday, August 09, 2008

I Think I Will....

Open a Multiply Bookstore

Browsing through my Multiply contacts, I saw Jamie's Serendipity Store and I realized how cool the whole thing was. She sells fashion items... all of them for affordable prices. And she even has the whole delivery scheme figured out. :) And it hit me... I can do this for my books! The second hand ones I've been trying to sell for the longest time, but haven't figured out a good system for the whole thing yet.

Jamie, I love you, mwah! For those who want to check out her site, go to serendpity store @ multiply. :) Then check out mine cooming up soon!

Make a Weight Loss Bracelet

This is the plan: I have to lose at least 8 pounds by October 18, just in time for Damae's wedding. It's do-able, I'm sure. I mean 8 pounds for 2 months, that's not such a tall order. Then I have to lose another 8 pounds by December 8, in time for Eman and Sem's wedding. Then another 4 pounds by Jamie's wedding cum January 2009. Then another 4 pounds by Valentine's Day 2009. On the off-hand, it's so I would look good in the gowns, but on a deeper level, I just want to be pretty. :) If you know what I mean.

So I will make a bracelet with 24 beads, and everytime I lose a pound, I'll remove it from the string. I'l try to wear it everyday, so that I won't forget what i have to do: exercise, not eat much. I've done it sick, I can certainly do it while healthy.

Enjoy Globe Visibility

Our PLDT landline has gone haywire for the last 2 months, and I am seriously hating PLDT for it. I am not going to pay for the last 2 months' bill, certainly. Phone isn't so important to us as the internet connection is. That's why we opted to buy Globe Visibility Broadband. No, not Smart Bro. I mean, that's just PLDT all over again. So now, we have better access, and nothing's stopping me from putting up that bookstore.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Liv, Correction lang, our wedding is on December 6, 2008 (Saturday) :D