Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crushing on this Kid MUST be Illegal

I know, I know. Watching 17 Again is like, so gay or grade-school-ish. But aaawwww, I love zac efron, gay hair and all!

He just makes me melt. And I don't mind if the whole world calls me a "cougar" as long as he's my cub. Or Chace Crawford. Although, they do look like they may have been split from the same string bean.

Oh, what? You mean what was the movie all about? Ehrm... something about this 37-year-old guy who got his life so wrong, and was given another chance to re-live his last year in high school to make things right again. There was talk of spirit guides and the right path, or something.

Don't get me wrong. There's a good message in that movie, though I think some people would be put off with the swirling vortexes and fantasy-mode of the whole thing. Me, I suspended all disbelief of course. I wasn't there to watch a good story. I went for eye-candy.

Actually, I think a lot of people did. On the same row as I am, were a bunch of gay high school kids who were audibly panting at some Efron-god-worship shots. Hey, who am I to judge, eh? I am obviously not in high school, very female, and watching the movie alone. The least they would think is that I never grew up, or at most, a perv.

Live and let live, I do declare.

I'd give anything to be 17 again, if it means Zac would be older than I am instead of him younger than my kid sister. Coz that's just sad.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Smarmy No More

Pudgy young boy Andrew Johnston sings Pie Jesu and managed to sound like an angel singing.

Marmy Susan Boyle courts mockery but pulls the rug from underneath our feet instead with her rendition of I dreamed a Dream.

George Sampson pulls Singing in the Rain and I bet even Justin Timberlake wouldn’t have anything on this un’s moves.

Don’t even let me get started on Paul Potts, Connie Talbot and Charlie Green.

Gosh. Maybe, Britain’s Got more Talent than just stiffening the upper lip! Amazing. I love BGT!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prelude to the Final Frontier

I am going to say sorry in advance for the extreme geekiness of the forthcoming post. I read in the news this morning that scientists found an earth-like planet (Gliese 581 e) somewhere in the Libran constellation. It is the right size, although it is too near the sun-like star and most likely to be too hot to support life. But what caught my fascination is its neighboring planet, Gliese 581 d, which is larger but is in the habitable zone. Its distance from the star it orbits is just far enough for liquid to be water. Scientists even said that it is plausible that this planet has a big and deep ocean, and stating that it is the first serious candidate for a true-to-life water-world.
Now, the movie Waterworld sucked with a capital Y. But imagine! Just let those fantastic brain cells do the Imagineering for you!
If Earth finally reaches its last perilous leg, off-planet habitation may become a reality. Of course, we won’t see it in our life time. But maybe in the future, our kid’s kids will be placed in spacecrafts to make a travel a hundred thousand years long and they will live inside that spaceship and they will die in that spaceship until finally our kid’s kids’ kids’ kids’ kids’ kids’ kids’ kids’ kids’ kids’ (you get the idea) will finally reach the final destination. And they’d scuba all day long and wear shiny suits to protect skin from water. And maybe if they wander around, they’ll find land inhabited by strange creatures. It’ll be the Modern Paleozic era, if you can see the beauty in that.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Something To Think About

A praise song I heard today spoke of this. :D

deeper hope
higher trust
stronger faith
greater peace.

Live Love.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Life of Simple Things

When I fantasize about living large, I suppose I'm like most everyone else who initially thinks of large sums of personal money, fast cars, houses, exclusive vacation get-aways, etc. But come to think of it, I don't have it so bad right now. It's not perfect, but the simple life makes me want simple things. Due to its simplicity, its easier to reach --- it's easier to be happy.

Let's take a chunk out of history and catalogue today's simple blessings I enjoyed:

1. Aimless meanderings around the neighborhood - I don't live in an exclusive subdivision, but our area is as sub-urban as only I would like it. We still have trees here, and grass as tall as people, and even goats walking down the road with you. And because of it's "probinsiya-feel", everything is calm and laid-back.

2. Sitting still in the garden - I got a chance to sit awhile after my walk, and heard a cacophony of birds singing in our treetops. How often do you get serenaded by nature like that? Turns out for me, every single day.

3. Cooking with a spoon - I'll probably never make it as a sous-chef in a high-class French resto where you categorize ladles by length and scooping capacity. I like cooking with a spoon. I like cooking with my hands. I like throwing in spices not called for in the recipe. I like not using recipes. And best of all, I like licking the sauce off the spoon after the dish is done. Yum.

4. Doing the laundry - we have one of those automatic washing machines now, but today I decided to scrub the dirt off my whities by hand. I don't know how it is with you, but washing clothes induces a trance-like meditative state that makes me feel good for the remainder of the day.

5. Eating chocolate cake in front of the electric fan - Unorthodox, I know. But hey, look at the winning combination: blue skies, cool glasstop on the dining table, cold spoon (left in the freezer for 2 minutes), cold chocolate cake and a steady breeze coming from the fan. Perfection, ain't it?

Kayo, what's your list of simple things you love?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Religious vs. Spiritual

A couple of days ago, Ella asked me if I consider myself religious.

Well, I had to be honest, right? I don't think I am. If religion is an unerring love for verbalized prayer, consistent rituals, and spouting off the name of a saint a minute. No, not like that.

Faith to me is living life and appreciating that everyday is an experience of faith. I pray, I go to Church, I honor rituals, I share, I care, or to sum it up, try to be the good Christian girl my parents raised me up to be.

But I don't pray the rosary every day, I even forget the 3 o'clock prayer and the Angelus a lot. I know I can improve my faith by observing them, but I keep forgetting. Do I feel like God is angry at me for forgetting these things though? No. Because when I pray, I don't use formulae prayers. When I pray, I speak my heart, I talk to God as I would a father. And I think my faith is enriched because of it.

I like to think that God is a little like my own father, who enjoys listening to my stories and prefers I talk to him frankly about my problems. Simple, straight-forward. No incantation-like spells to make Him listen, no arcane ritual to make Him hear me. All I have to do is speak and He'll know.

It's really more like a childish kind of Faith. You just trust. You just bare your heart and soul. Sometimes, you don't even have to speak, you just send up the desire to Him. And I know it when he responds. I don't need to be slain, or profess the stigmata. When He gives me the answer, sooner or later (and sometimes, much later), I sense it.

Is that religious? Or is that more spiritual?

I don't know. But that's my faith. That's my mustard seed. And God increases it as He wills.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Napasulat Tuloy Ako ng Kanta

I haven't blogged in two weeks, and don't I know it! Nothing of the Caramoan trip, of Holy Week, of recent developments amongst friendships almost lost and recovered. I owe this blog a lot of updates; maybe I'll get around to it in a while.

Today though,I woke up with the urge to write a song about a recent sad story I heard. It's deliberately not a poem; I imagine it having some kind of slow RnB beat to it. Something Jordin Sparks would sing. Kahit ka-cornihan minsan, pero I tried to use the simplest words kasi. Maiba naman sa usual kong drama.

Tina, if you're reading this, maybe you can forward it to your musician friend and ask if he'd deem it worthwhile to arrange. :) :D At tsaka, by the way, hindi ko pa naririnig yung arrangement nya dun sa isa ko pang song. Parinig naman! Wala lang. Para masaya. :D


Harder Standing By

I did not know
Saying I’m sorry I have to go
Or, baby, this is goodbye
Is easier than standing by
As you give her your heart
As you give her your all
When to get her love
You’d give your body and soul…
Believe me,
It’s harder standing by.


Have you ever stood aside
While love passed you by
When you know that it’s right
But you know you’re losing the fight,
So I have to say goodbye
Cos it’s harder standing by.

It's hard to leave
Have always been a little naïve
I have to struggle sometimes
To remember you’re not mine.
Y’know I gave you my heart
I gave it my all
You didn’t ask for my love
Still I gave my body, my soul
Don’t want to be
Just always standing here…



I can’t watch you break your heart
But you won’t let me in that far
You know that I just can’t stand here
I would run to you if I can,
If you just reach out your hand….

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Goodbye to the Gilmore Girls

I know, I know. The last season of the Gilmore Girls has come and gone. But I lost touch for a while there, and I never really got to see the whole of Season 7.

For those of you who’ve been reading my blog since 2004, you would know how insane I was for the show. I adored Lorelei and Rory, and have always imagined myself as the third Gilmore Girl. I even tried to guzzle up coffee because I figured their caffeine-soaked tizziness is the reason why they’re so witty and snarky and gorgeous. It was one of the more intelligent TV shows in its time, and I loved everything about the show. I went through all of the girls’ phases --- Rory’s Dean and Jess ( who I wanted for my own) and that guy who’s now on OC and Marty and finally, hunky Logan, as well as Lorelei’s Christopher, Rory’s English Teacher guy, Luke and Christopher again til she ended with Luke again.

Truth be told, I’m coming from Team Christopher. I mean, Luke’s nice and all, and it ain’t bad to marry the guy who makes the greatest coffee in the world, but Christopher… (make swoony moaning sounds)… c’mon! In the end, he really grew up, and was all about commitment, and was all about doing anything for Lore AND looks good in tight pants and never wears flannel shirts like it was some sort of uniform. Luke is a good friend, and I know Lorelei not ending up with Luke would have defeated the show’s whole purpose --- which is to prove that these girls do life as it comes and are not afraid to be quirky and different. But God, save me from choosing between gruffy, backward-cap man and golden-smile-man who would do anything for me because I know, am 99.9% certain, really positively probably gonna choose the latter. I know a lot of people were relieved that Luke and Lore hooked up in the end and their hearts were warmed and their cups runneth over, but I am not one of them. Poor, poor Chris.

And Lorelei, sheesh.

Seriously. Midway into the season, I found myself being… gasp… irritated by the choices Lorelei were making. She just has a lot of… issues, and she is uncompromising about her choices. How self-centered can one person get? I’m sure some of my friends who also adored her would defend that she’s just being the strong woman by making the right choice, any other year I might’ve agreed. But not anymore. It’s just that she makes a stand for being strong at all the inappropriate times. When Chris asked her to marry him in Paris, but she was still feeling something for Luke, that’s when she should’ve been strong. Not after the fact of marriage where she has to go through divorce and putting Rory through losing her dad… again. There’s strong and there’s self-centered. Sure, they hid it well, but I recognize it for what it was. People keep making mistakes about what strength is: it’s not about being snarky, and demanding and aggressive and confrontational. Some people would like to call it that, because hell knows it makes for a better show. But it isn’t. It’s just bells and whistles, but it doesn’t make the car run.

And OMG. All that talking. I used to love that, but this time around, I got soooo tired listening to the repartee. All the analyzing and yakking just drained me out.

I don’t know what changed. Or maybe I do know. A couple of years added to my age, a couple more incidents that completely shattered my pretty picture of how life should go, a couple of heartbreaks, a couple of real-life reasons not to believe in happily, and snarkily, ever after. I think I may have outgrown the Gilmore Girls.

But here’s to a great show. I admit half of who I am and who I imagined I want to be was influenced by this show. Things change though. Quirky, still good. Uncompromising, na-uh. Strong, Aces. Self-absorbed, Thumbs down.

Goodbye to the Gilmore Girls. It was good while it lasted. It really was.