Friday, May 10, 2013

An Ode to Paella

I have a craving today, and it can't be sated. I want to eat Paella.

I know that this dish isn't anything like Sinigang na Baboy which has a huge following in the Philippines. But this has always been one of my favorite dishes. As a rice lover, I enjoy the richness and softness of the rice, the mixture of tomatoes and saffron, and the myriad possible toppings you could put on top of a paella.

It's on my top 5 list of Spanish things I love (in good company with the Spanish language, the word delicadeza, the unique chorizo, and my own surname).

I don't understand why Ian and Ella can't get into the paella craze. It's a complete meal on its own. I could eat it for days on straight! Anyways, the last Paella meal I had was in Shangri-la Mall's East wing --- in a new quaint resto called Corazon. It features Spanish-Filipino food, and serves the kind of meals you have grown up with. I luuurved it. Ian ordered the Molo Soup, and it was ok for tastes, but I only had eyes and tastebuds for the heaping pile of ricey goodness which was quite a deal for the price of about P550.

It's funny cos they also serve a dish called Burgos -- which is oxtongue in creamy sauce. I would've wanted to try this because I love tongue (the dictionary definition, ok? PG Tayo).  But Ian has imagination for all the wrong things, and just can't bring himself to eat such a macabre piece of a cow's body. Next time. :D

 Other paella places worth visiting are:
1. Casa Armas - various branches
2. Cerveseria - Greenbelt 3, Makati
3. Frazzled Cook - near Shaw Blvd in Ortigas
4. La Tienda - the branch I tried was near Jupiter in Makati
5. Mom and Tina's - not as fantastic pero pwede na.