Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You're 27 and Ur Watching What?

Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging.

Based on the book Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging.

Which is about a 14-year-old girl who is navigating her way through adolescence which is fret with mishaps with Angus the cat, thongs on biyatches and your mom, and perfect snogging in all its ten levels of intimacy.
Oh, c'mon! EVERYBODY knows I never really grew up, somehow. And no matter how my accent is purely neutral Pinoy, my running commentary inside my head about my life is being delivered in perfect Queen's English accent.

The movie is all-Brit, and as always, i like their dry wit. There were some cringe-moments for me, but only because I can still relate to Georgia (the protagonist) in her confusion about boys. I also resisted with all my might NOT to take notes when they were discussing how to kiss boys. ME! I am 13 years older than she is. If that isn't pathetic, I don't know what is.

So what are birthdays? Nothing but time markers. It doesn't really show how much you've matured at all. I've had some good calls on adulthood there, but I guess, I'll always be a kid at heart as long as I can still feel like this

about this

God, who wouldn't?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire, Marley& Me, Yes Man, Bedtime Stories & The Haunting of Molly Hartley

Which to watch, which to avoid like the plague, and which to watch out of loyalty


Slumdog Millionaire

The Golden Globe win roused my curiosity, because I'm sure everyone's asking how the heck did a bunch of nobodies win over Leonardo DiCaprio, right? Well, as it turns out, the movie isn't half so bad. It ain't bad at all. Compared to other Bollywood movies I was forced to watch, this one was entirely watchable, and never cringe-worthy. I guess, it's not even Bollywood really. The director was entirely western, anyhow. The story is about a young boy who was suspected of cheating onIndia's Who Wants To Be a Millionaire TV quiz show. How can a boy from the slums know so much, they say. I liked the way the story was told, how they took each question from the quiz show as a way to flashback into Jamal's past. I also liked the grittiness of the settings captured on film. India looks a lot like Manila, if you ask me. And the dancing didn't come until after the whole movie was over. So of course, it was tongue-in-cheek, and i didn't hate it.
I think Filipinos will like this movie, if they sit through it. There's a lot of things to relate to. I'm not saying though that it's an exceptional film. Just good. Just watch.
If You're a Fan...

That's the only reason to watch these films:

Yes Man

What if a man who keeps saying no, learn to say yes all the time?
Aside from the fact that you have to be supremely stupid to even consider saying yes to everything, this movie wasn't as rotten egg-ish as recent Carey movies I tried to watch. For one, I managed to reach the end without puking or thinking he's such an OA bastard. Well, he's still OA, but because the premise is ridiculous, it's somehow forgiveable he acts so deranged. And it does have its moment, case in point, I laughed when I realized that he was ACTUALLY gonna sing "Jumper" by Third Eye Blind to the man wanting to commit suicide. It's soooo corny, and contrived, but it tickled me because I never thought learning to play one guitar song will help anybody at all. And I like the song. So watch if you're one of those strange people who actually like Jim Carrey. I can't lambast you for it, because this one is okay to me. :)

Bedtime Stories

When I was younger, I was on Team Sandler. C'mon, Big Daddy was a laugh and 50 First Dates was a sweetie. But now, I'm realizing, geez, I'm getting tired of this guy. Did anybody ever really liked Zohan?
Bedtime Stories though brings us back to the realm of childhood, and it really is a movie for kids or adults who think like kids... in a bad way. Y'know, the self-absorbed kind? Anyhow, I wish I can say something bad about the movie, because at least I'd know it left an impression on me. This one was just, ooookay, if you know what i mean. It also gave me the feeling that it was like the story (and soon to be released in the Phils movie) Inkheart on Juice and Ecstasy.

What's it about? Somestuff. Watch it? Um, yeah. Like it? Um, guesso?

Marley & Me

I fell in love with Owen Wilson ever since I watched him singing "Sexual Healing" on of those forgettable agent movies. I guess I still like him because I endured watching the movie. Although it also did feel like you were watching more of "Marley" than the "& Me" part. I'm a dog person, but not much of it to empathize with a dog rather than a human being. There were some story lines there that I wished focused more on the human aspect, some things they glazed over because we have to get back to the dog.

But it was okay. I'm hoping the book is better. Maybe there are more emotional elements there better captured in words than in film. I'll check it out. And if you really do like dogs, watch it.

The Haunting of Molly Hartley

What is the whole friggin' point? Swear, my blood pressure rose when I finished watching this sorry excuse for a movie. What's the story? They never tell you anything, nobody got scared, everybody just looked so confused. So there's this girl whose mother tried to kill her to save her. There's supposed to be some conspiracy about the Devil taking them when they turn 18. I get it, but I don't. The whole plot was just so lame. It ends with the girl successfully being taken by the Devil, and you prepare to witness some evil things, but then kaput. It end with Molly graduating as freakin' valedictorian. Wow. If I only knew.
The only reason I sat through it? Chace Crawford. He's a god on earth. But not even his divine male beauty can save this movie.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

That Song

The radio plays your song
The one that broke your heart
And never mended it.

When the radio plays this song,
it breaks my heart
And I'm trying to get over it.

I ask, when she hears this song
does she even know
two people are hurting because of it?

I hope someday I'll hear a song
and know I have moved on
because I'll never even remember you in it.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bride Wars

Seriously? There are girls this obsessed with weddings?

The most I dreamt of about my own wedding is that it'll be done in the Parish of Holy Sacrifice in UP Diliman. I'll wear something white, and oh, yeah, there'll have to be a groom. Other than that, I plan to cross the bridge when I get there.

Thank God I didn't go through the "Our Dream Wedding" scrapbook phase. There are seriously better things to dream of than weddings, in my opinion. It's just one day, and not even the most important day. What's more important is that the days that follow; the fact that you have to make sure you don't end up killing the man you married. But it's a special day, true. One that would entail some planning. But not the cause for the resumption of World War 3.

Liv and Emma were the bff kind of people. They complement each other, want the same things, something short of taking a piss together. But when their respective boyfriends proposed to them, and a mix-up about their wedding dates happened, war ensued.

I'm not going to philosophize about this : there is nothing to think about. You just watch and laugh as one inane thing happen after the other. Oh, and there was a part there that made me cry too. You see, Liv's (Kate Hudson) parents also died early, so she doesn't have them to walk her down the aisle. Emma's (Anne Hathaway) dad came to bless Liv and said something like "From our generation to yours, may you be blessed, They would have given anything to be here." or something. I can really get to hate weddings. When i get married, I can't put on make-up, I'm sure. I'll be bawling my head off, feeling the void where they should be walking beside me as I make my way down to the altar. The air would just be too empty.

Anyway, did it send the message about true friendship? For me, not really. True friends would have agreed to a double wedding.

It also seemed to be one huge advertisement for The Plaza at the 5th.

But Anne and Kate were gorgeous. Their clothes fanastic. Story, plausible enough.

Yeah, it'll be a good hundred bucks thing. That is if you can't wait for the video.

Curious Benjamin Button

I remember reading Scott Fitzgerald's "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" in high school; it probably made its mark because it was just so overtly whimsical. There was nothing in the short story that begged to be believed, and that was fine with me. It was an early awakening to surreal, semi-fantastic writing, and I liked it if only because it was very weird.

So what I don't get is why the movie begged so hard to be believable. Practically everything was changed, the story included. In the short story, Benjamin was born old and already talking. His mother did not die, and his father did not abandon him. The older Button was embarassed of course, so tried to hide his son as much as possible. Benjamin grew up, not in a retirement home, but in his very own home. He tried to enter Yale, but was kicked out because he claimed to be teener when he clearly looked 70. He became a great businessman, saw Hildegarde Montcrief and married her. They had one son - Roscoe. They did start having problems because obviously Benjamin was getting younger. His desires were also changing--- he found that he likes partying more than he did years before. As Benjamin grew younger, Roscoe grew older and started feeling nothing but contempt for his father. During Roscoe's wedding, his father was nothing but a 10-year-old kid. When his daughter was born, his father became her playmate.

Case in point, in the movie, Benjamin acted his chronological age. When he was seven but looking seventy, he acted like a seven year-old kid. When he was seventy and looked like a toddler, he had advanced dementia. In the book, when he was seven, he acted like he was seventy. When he was seventeen, he acted like a teenager. Just the fact that the movie reversed it, made so many impacts to the message of the film.

So I guess, you have to take the movie as a separate endeavor, and not even connect it to the story it was supposed to be based upon. That said, maybe now I can tell you that the film was gorgeous. It was visually satisfying, how can it not be? Period sets, and Brad Pitt getting younger every minute.... that ought to be enough. Effects were also pretty awesome. Pitt's transformation from eighty to eighteen was amazing. cate Blanchett is also luminiscent in the film. God, she's beautiful.

But the movie was sooooo long. I felt like I grew white hairs waiting for the whole thing to finish. It wasn't exactly boring... that isn't the word for it. It was tedious in the sense that you feel tired for the characters on screen. The story and feel of the whole thing was so somber you can't help but feel like you're getting wrinkled up inside as well. Of course the movie's main thesis is that we all age, and what's amusing is it's exactly how you feel while watching it. I was also continually distracted by the older Daisy lying in her hospital bed with her daughter reading Benjamin's diary. Her gurgling speech was incoherent and made me want to mutter, "get this scene done already."

The short story was crueler to Benjamin. He was ultimately unloved by the end of his life. In the movie, he dies as a young babe in the arms of Daisy. Kahit dito lang tayo mag-focus, ang laki na ng pinagkaiba ng message ng pelikula.

But if the two medium agrees agrees on anything, it's this: time is fleeting. make the most of it. Time in reverse makes you see how much more important the process of life is. How Time is our best friend and worst enemy.

So is it worth watching? Yes!

Is it worth watching twice? Thrice? Jeez, no. Unless you want to feel like a septugenarian at 27.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Addicted To...

Banana Yoshimoto

She reads like a lullaby, but you just can't afford to sleep because you might miss out on something wonderful... and her writing is always luminscent.

Gap Heaven

I can't get enough of this smell. I want one. :(


I have been frequenting Japanese fastfood recently for one reason lang: gyoza, lots and lots of it. I don't know why I'm so addicted. Maybe because it tastes so different from siomai.

Devon Aoki

I can look at this girl forever! Her face has this really interesting mix. She's not conventionally beautiful, in my head, she actually transcends that.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I told you I’ll come up with it sooner or later. I just needed to get my bearings about this year. So far, it had been really good. I can afford to be a little more hopeful now because I couldn’t afford not to be.

I didn’t make it an all-encompassing list. I decided to categorize it so that when I evaluate my achievements at the end of this year, I would know which aspect I need to improve on. Here goes:

2009 Resolutions:

Maintain my gym membership, even if it’s only as a weekend thing. That way I’d be forced to move my body because I’m paying for the option.

Drink my medicines on time, and not take the risk of adjusting my dosage as I see fit.

Eat breakfast, savor lunch, limit dinner

Keep a small notebook where I can write down all my daily expenses. The notes will help me evaluate my spending patterns and help me budget my funds better

Re-instate priorities: splurge strategically. I already know I tend to overcompensate with unnecessary things if I try to repress my retail therapy. To avoid this, I will plan my slurges (i.e. when to buy a book and how much)

Soul & Spirit
Do volunteer work with Hands on Manila (I’ve started this already with Andrea, and I like it so far)

Go on a spiritual retreat this summer

Apply for scholarships abroad

Renew my library membership in UP (as alumna) and read one non-fiction, technical book every 2 month

Write down 250 words of stories everyday

Find one reason to thank my family members every day

Not to lose my cool when my sister is getting on my nerves again

Be more thoughtful about birthdays: I will make a list of all important birthdays and post it in the house

Stop pretending to be cynical about finding true love when in fact I am still hopeful about it. No matter what happens, find the strength to believe.

Do my job better: Apply concentration, make checking and re-checking a daily habit.

Don’t stop learning about the people I encounter. Gain a better perspective of how training can help people change for the better.

Consider options after completing payment of loan from current organization.

All in all, I think 2009 is the Time to challenge myself again, spread the wings a little further and fly.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Going the Way of 2008

I felt like ranting again today..

About him and me. Or rather, the absence of it. At that point when I was about to indulge in the rant, a sliver of sanity caught my avalanching emotions and stopped me. Talk about stretching the line, but that thread held. I realized with complete joy that I can control it now.

I can feel bad, diss him for being so confusing. Or diss myself for allowing myself to fall so far. I can even hate myself for not being pretty enough. But instead of doing all of THAT… again, it dawned upon me that what I really wanted was to rise from it. I wanted it to stop. The anger I felt was because of the panic that he’d find someone else before I got over him. I need to be over him first. I need to show everyone, who I am sure is aware by now that we had, have, had something undefinable, that I am soooo over him. In the end, it’s not him I want. It’s salvaging my pride I desire the most.

Because that’s the worst part isn’t it? To not be wanted and have everyone know it.

Blow by blow, these lessons in humility comes. I think the Roman Catholic Church should revise their dogma of what constitutes sainthood. Unrequited love is not the pinnacle of suffering, but I think it comes really, really, really, really painfully close.

Anyhow, shoulder on we must. It’s freaking 2009. Some things need to change. He’s going out with last year’s trash. This year is about me and finding myself. No one, and no man, will get in the way of that.

Would You Eat Your Friendly Sea Pussy Cat?

A human rights organization has a new bid to save more marine life from being consumed by cruel, avaricious humans. A campaign to call fish as sea kittens are now being targeted at children.

“If children were taught to refer to fish as "sea kittens," reflecting that fish, like cats and dogs, are "individuals" that "do have friendships," fewer fish might be killed for food or sport, said Pulin Modi, a spokesman. "We want people to realize that more fish are killed each year than all animals combined," he said. "They don't have the sympathy of more popular animals like cats and dogs."

A valiant concept, if I ever saw one. Although I have to say, I still lean towards moderation rather than annihilation of desires for our fellow living creatures. People have got to eat something more than air, you know. If we are going to go as far as calling fish as sea kittens, let’s take it the whole block and call vegetables as puppy greens. That way, every living organism is our friend, and we would always think twice about eating them. I also think the organization should work with population control advocates because together, they can rule the world or what’s left of it.

Just to play a thought here. What if children do get sensitized enough to call fish as sea kittens, and still see fish being eaten by cruel, avaricious adult humans? Will they think that since fish is good food, they can also try to check out if actual feline kittens are just as delish?

To read the odd news, click the link:

Disclaimer: I am anti-animal cruelty, and I don’t believe in killing animals for sport. But I am also pro-human, in the sense that we have GOT to eat something.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hear Him, Smell Her

I once read somewhere that the mind can forget many things, whether we will it or not. But somehow, our senses will always betray us.

I want my senses to betray me. Maybe that's why I walked in a daze today when I realized I can't smell my Mum in the clothes she left hanging in her closet. I never threw it out. Maybe I should, I'm aware of that. But her clothes in the closet is my last connection to the past, back when things were alright. I touched her clothes today, buried my head amongst the silks and cotton, but her scent is gone. I cannot smell her.

Sometimes, I catch myself listening to people breathing too. Automatic thing, breathing. Everytime I hear anybody inhaling, exhaling nearby, I try to match it with the way my Dad breathes. His breath had always been a little too fast, a little wheezy, due to the heart problem. I keep listening, but they're always too slow, or way too fast, too shallow, or too quiet. I try to listen, everyday, but I cannot hear him anymore either.

I know I can't see them anymore. My eyes can never betray me. Nor will I ever be able to touch them, not their hands, never their hair. So my skin cannot betray me either.

But it's another world of sorrow away, when even sound and smell is robbed from you. It's like operating blind, deaf as stone, numb as ice, scentless as chamber gas... and perhaps just as lethal.
Oh, call it pre-birthday existential jitters. But I really don't understand this yet, this world without them. I'm grasping at straws, clueless as a newborn torn away from the womb. People assume I have got it figured out by now, but I don't. Sometimes I wonder if I'm ever meant to, or if there is anything to understand.

Monday, January 05, 2009

First Week Musings

Silas Schuyler Skye is now officially well. Thanks for your warm wishes, bert loi. :)


Just have a new pet peeve: men who wear toooo much cologne / perfume. What are they trying to do? Annihilate every functioning nostril within a mile radius? Why can't they seem to realize that instead of attracting the female of the species, all they succeed at is irritating us instead.

Tip to guys: A hint (and not an atomic hit) of perfume is classy.


Hay, there's this new guy in the office, and he's medium cute. He looks specially nice when he smiles. I remember talking to him already, I think his name is Cedric, Eric or something. Just the fact I can't remember the conversation makes me wary though. It's either I am overly self-absorbed, or he is so forgettable.

I am not so ready to discount my being self-absorbed, so it's still anybody's guess.


I haven't done my new year's list yet. But it's forming in my head already. As of now, I think it will involve: continuing my gym membership, wearing more skirts, eating less meat and more fish, using cloth bags inside grocery stores, and never ever making fun of my sister's height anymore.

It's gonna be good. :)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Silas is Sick

My laptop got hit by a d*mn virus and hit my OS files last January 1, 2009. What a way to start the year, eh? Anyhow, I was advised to save the important files in a flash drive. I don't do back-up (idiotic, I know) so I had to choose which one to save at such short notice and with limited space: my music files or my ebooks.
I spent a year accumulating an impressive music library. I guess I had about more than 8,000 songs stored in my laptop and desktop. Name it, I got it: pop, rock, skaa, classical, praise, alt rock, rock classics, bossa, etc.
Now, I just started downloading ebooks about 6 months ago, but my ebook collection now has about 2,000 titles from the following genres: romance, sci-fi, fantasy, YA, comic books, thrillers, non-fic, biographies, etc.
Considering these things, when push came to shove, I still chose the books. And even then, I only chose the fantasy books and YA. Romance novels are easily downloaded anyway. I do feel pangs of regret, but in my head, books win over music. Sure, it took me forever to find the person who had the old Beatles Classic, but maybe I'll run to him again. And that Tori Amos concert performance that took me 7 hours to download? Well... don't remind me now.
I made my choice and I'm trying to live with it. :)
This incident also made me realize how attached I have become to the gadget. When the virus hit, the remorse and worry I felt almost equated the feeling of having a baby getting sick. It felt like a member of the family needed to be brought to the hospital. I mean, c'mon, I carry it to work during the day, and blog in my room or read an ebook or play music with it at night. It's like having a baby brother or a 24-hour boyfriend around.
Figures then that when I read Mariel's blog introducing her net book Nigel, I decided to name my buddy as well. I initially thought I wanted the name Jigsaw. It's cute. But I realized my Compaq Presario needed a serious name, an odd name, a silly dignified kind of name. That's why i chose to name him...
Friends, meet my buddy Silas.
I would take an actual picture, but he's still in the "hospital." Please pray he gets better and that I wouldn't need to rob a bank to pay for the expenses. :)