Thursday, January 15, 2009


I told you I’ll come up with it sooner or later. I just needed to get my bearings about this year. So far, it had been really good. I can afford to be a little more hopeful now because I couldn’t afford not to be.

I didn’t make it an all-encompassing list. I decided to categorize it so that when I evaluate my achievements at the end of this year, I would know which aspect I need to improve on. Here goes:

2009 Resolutions:

Maintain my gym membership, even if it’s only as a weekend thing. That way I’d be forced to move my body because I’m paying for the option.

Drink my medicines on time, and not take the risk of adjusting my dosage as I see fit.

Eat breakfast, savor lunch, limit dinner

Keep a small notebook where I can write down all my daily expenses. The notes will help me evaluate my spending patterns and help me budget my funds better

Re-instate priorities: splurge strategically. I already know I tend to overcompensate with unnecessary things if I try to repress my retail therapy. To avoid this, I will plan my slurges (i.e. when to buy a book and how much)

Soul & Spirit
Do volunteer work with Hands on Manila (I’ve started this already with Andrea, and I like it so far)

Go on a spiritual retreat this summer

Apply for scholarships abroad

Renew my library membership in UP (as alumna) and read one non-fiction, technical book every 2 month

Write down 250 words of stories everyday

Find one reason to thank my family members every day

Not to lose my cool when my sister is getting on my nerves again

Be more thoughtful about birthdays: I will make a list of all important birthdays and post it in the house

Stop pretending to be cynical about finding true love when in fact I am still hopeful about it. No matter what happens, find the strength to believe.

Do my job better: Apply concentration, make checking and re-checking a daily habit.

Don’t stop learning about the people I encounter. Gain a better perspective of how training can help people change for the better.

Consider options after completing payment of loan from current organization.

All in all, I think 2009 is the Time to challenge myself again, spread the wings a little further and fly.

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