Sunday, June 29, 2008

What exactly is a...


Yeah, we just watched Made of Honor, and the scene with the Grandma wearing thunderbeads as a necklace might be hilarious if I only knew what they were meant for. I know I should google it instead of posting it on a blog where hundreds would snicker and laugh at my ignorance. But I'm still hesitant if this is something I should know. For somebody smart, i can get pretty inane.

I can go as far as deducting it's a sexual device and that it's for "pleasuring" but where it goes and what it does, I have no idea.

Maybe it's better off that way.


  1. Hey, thanks for dropping by at my blog - I know you found it while Googling for Thunderbeads :P *snigger*

    Hopefully you found out what it was for haha, I'm sure the term Thunderbeads was just a brandname to be used in the movie (the other option might have elevated the movie to 'R' rating)..

    Geeks Rule!

  2. fooie, yeah, I got the where and the how of it. What I still don't get is the freakin' WHY. :)