Saturday, June 07, 2008

Get this....

I'm in a net cafe and seated along my row are eight kids no older than 10 years old playing GTA. I feel like that tall guy in the movie Elf.

Not that it's a new feeling. I've been feeling more out of sorts lately. I've been given marching orders to rest my back for 5 days and thus had been lying down in bed for the last week. Imagine being on bed 24 hours a day for 4 days... you'd think it's some kind of heaven. It goddamn isn't!!! It just emphasized the feeling of disconnection to the world, and I'm still not over the rut.

That's why today, I went to DLSU to teach (2thousand bucks din yun) and spent the afternoon reading a book inside Powerbooks (no, I didn't buy it. What for? I've read it!). I have to get used to people again. My gosh.

I'm not a very good patient then, disobeying orders on the last day of recuperation. But I think I needed OUT to keep my sanity intact. Something I consider more precious than my spinal cord.

So there.

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