Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

The thing is, we watched 2 movies last night --- yeah, one after the other. Barely 5 minutes apart actually. So there's a tendency to blur what Aslan has said with the things Master Shifu has said.

But ain't Master Shifu adorable??

Anyways, Kung Fu Panda was rollickin' good. Laugh out loud funny, if you must. And the graphics were actually pretty good. Po's just so real in his hugeness. I mean, I can actually relate!

Stairs, food-fixation, jiggly belly and all --- Po is the personification (or cartoonization) of my friend, Ian. Pramis!!!

I did enjoy the movie, even if it was meant for younger audiences. I think it's the "Secret Ingredient" twist in it that resonates true even to older people. How many of us have searched for "The Secret", for that one thing which will save us from being ordinary? All the while, we just needed to look at a damn mirror.

Not a bad thing at all....

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