Monday, June 02, 2008

A Friend Called Me:

Exophilic... at least when it comes to my tastes for entertainment. I think he meant, I like foreign movies better as well as foreign tv shows. Hindi na daw ako naiiba sa mga tao na kinukutya ang sariling bayan at sinasamba ang kahit anong isteytsayd. THis was brought about by my raging against local TV (see Turd TV).

I said, I don't hate local entertainment, I just hate how it never tries to be more intelligent. How it never risks, and how it never evolves. So he challenged me to write a post about local TV shows I do like. Ha! Kala mo wala? Meron! I appreciate entertainment, only if it's entertaining.

Balitang K- I like the intelligent variety of topics. Sometimes it's about Pinaka... whatever (mayaman, bawal, makulay, etc..) and they find real people interest stories which both amuses and informs.

Pinaka (on QTV) - Again, amusing and entertaining and informative. It used to be emceed by Pia Guanio, but now it's this Rovilson guy who was Marc Nelson's partner in Amazing Race. Still good.

Chef to Go (read past post Yummy)
Balikbayan - So Drew Arellano can get really OA, but heck, he's a cute OA, kaya okay lang. His observations are also (sometimes) funny. But more than that, I like the idea of famous people going back to their roots. It promotes a kind of pride to be PINOY.

Imbestigador -- from learning about pagpag food to different other issues, it helps me get information on how to be more street smart in Manila.
ASAP (specifically, the Champions segment) - I only tune in long enough to hear Sarah Geronimo and the rest of the singing sensations sing their songs, yes. After that, no interest aready. It's just that, mas talented talaga ang singers ng ABS CBN kaysa GMA. (Have you seen that Pinoy Idol thing? Walang may dating sa dinamidami ng contestants, siguro kasi wala ring dating ang host and judges).

And lastly, I'm kind of enjoying the Philippine remake of My Girl. Yep, that one with Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. Because at least: it doesn't have illusions of being intelligent, and the two really does have chemistry together. OA si Kim minsan, and NR si Gerald madalas, but at the end of all things, they look cute together. And I am amused. Simple as that.

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