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(not related to the novel written by Geraldine Brooks)

If you've been reading this blog and its other sub-blogs (?) for some time now, you might have read about a lot of my friends already. The live ones, at least. But one thing's for sure: I haven't introduced you to my imaginary friends yet. No, don't worry, I'm not about to divulge I had a childhood friend named Chucky and he kept telling me to hurt people.... His name was Jafira instead. Hehe, okay, scratch that.

Seriously though, I do like the world I have created inside my mind. Some of the people I made up are seriously, seriously real. And their lives are ALWAYS more exciting than mine. At one point or another, you might have stumbled upon their names already within my short stories. But I think, formal introductions are forthcoming, that is, if you intend to continue reading my blog periodically. (Kung hindi, basahin mo na rin para maintindihan mo how far gone I am). Alright. Here goes. :)

From Lumengracia

January - If people can be named April or May, why not January? It is her birth month, yes, and she lives in Lumengracia (patterned after Rosario, Pangasinan). She was being bullied by her classmates (who were named after Bible chacracters i.e. Peter, Paul, and Mary --- wait, Carpenters din yun ah?)because of her "pagan" name. But after finding "protectors" in the guise of two unseeming classmates, she came to her own. She became best friends with the 2 boys. She became a lawyer and eventually ended up practicing her profession in their quaint town.

Eliong - Just the name itself is so promdi, noh? I like this character a lot, because promdi to me means guileless and brave. He's one of January's protectors. He grew up to be a farmer, married his high school sweetheart and named their kids Spartacus, Aristotle, Philemon Cassius and King Edward (yes, King Edward). So he's a well-read farmer, what?

Moses - The Moses I knew was never quite as hunky as the Moses I made up. But they do share some characteristics. I used his dusky complexion, beautiful eyes, his long artist fingers and his twisting smile. But my made-up Moses was a responsible boy (unlike the real one) & rarely happy-go-lucky partly because he grew up in a conflicted environment. Guess what? He's in love with January and wants to spend his life with her, but Fate has other ideas.

Nebuchadnezzar - By now you've noticed Lumengracia is about the rocky horror show of names gone wrong --- :) This guy was named after the infamous king just because his father happened to open that page in the Bible while choosing. You'd think he'd be the one getting the butt end of jokes instead of January. He grew up to be the right-hand man of the town mayor and provides the comic relief in the story. Oh, and yeah, he changed his name to Chad.

From Chronicles of Gea

Iviyanar - I made a name for myself based on Tolkien's Elven Language. Ivi means twilight, anar means light / power. I kind of like the darkness and light conflict. My failed high fantasy novel (kasi di ko matapos-tapos) includes her as one of the Five Guardians of the Arcane and she holds the Staff of Wisdom (if you're not a fantasy fan, you'll never understand this). Her biggest setback is that she's aelfborn (elf+human parents). Her biggest achievement is taking what she is and becoming more. She fulfills her destiny as one of the great mages after she has helped track the other lost guardians (lost either by memory or by choice) and restored the balance using the staff. She is also the keeper of the Books of Guardians which kind of holds the secret on how to destroy the world. So she does everything to guard it, until finally, to destroy it. Whew. it's complicated.

Amnor - based on my friend Norman. He's cute. Okay, okay, and powerful. THere, I said it.

Murieull - a warrior sylph. Read: sexy ass-kicking nympho-vixen. (Mariel will kill me if she reads this).

Edvar - His earth name is Edward (another book club friend). Made-up Edvar is a mortal, but strong. And good with his sword. I mean, a real sword.

Pelesse - a dark elf who is an unlikely candidate for the Guardianship. He almost destroys Iviyanar and the group, but he found the road to perdition. He's the most awesome character in the book actually. All that dark and brooding manic depressive schmuckles you can only find in the truly insane. Yep, right here.

Other Various

Libby, Violet, Ivy, Sylvie, Liz, Lizzie -- they're all facets of myself. As long as it sounds like my name, I probably made up the story she is in to satisfy/console/feed a psychological trauma --- ha!

Sebastien - a construct, a hope, a hybrid, and usually stands for "The One." He doesn't really exist. And that's the saddest thing in my universe. Sigh. :)

Beaver - Where have you been hiding the last 10 years? Princess Diana called William Beaver out of affection and if I say I have never fancied calling him "Beaver Sweetykins" I will be lying... well, maybe remove the Sweetykins... gag-inducing kasi.

Jeremy - It sounds average and boy-next-door-ish. Anybody can be a Jeremy. But the things I put Jeremy through (May-December romances, battling vengeful demons, falling in love with warrior Angels)always pushes him to realize his dream... I'm amazed he still stuck around.

Celestine - a warrior angel who wears tight red body suits because it saves time washing out all the blood. She is part of the Armies of Heaven that fights against the minions of Darkness (astigin kahit meaningless diba?)So you see, you can be good and still be bad with a blood-soaked capital B. She helps Jeremy secure the Prophet of God ( a child aged 8) and sacrifices her existence in the end for the sake of restoring the balance between Good and Evil. Which of course left Jeremy and his bleeding love quite desolate. But not so much. Medyo lang.

You do understand that meeting them out of context might have affected your perception a bit. I do try my best not to make them cardboard characters --- that's why I treat them as real people. Real enough to talk to when bored, or to manipulate their lives according to my whim.

They probably hate me. But they wouldn't exist without me so they worship me. :) Haha! No, really, I have made friends on Earth, but I am proud that I like the company I keep when I am with them as well. So you see, even during the oddest hours, I am not alone.

Goodnight, y'all!

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