Monday, December 31, 2007

Holiday in Tagaytay

Ian offered to drive up to Tagaytay last Friday and we asked a couple of our friends to go along with us. Eman and Sem (getting maried next December) were the willing companions... and it was kind of fun because we took them to Churches and pig-out places which otherwise would've been boring to us already. :p

Cute choir boys at the Caleruega lobby.

Inside the Chapel of Transfiguration.

Where Eman is, wacky pics are sure to follow...

Told ya.

Sem and I at the Caleruega gardens. Sorry guys, she's taken.

Taal Vista Hotel view site. Feels like the old times!

Sem, sigurado ka na? May one year pa to change your mind! (Peace, Nong!)

Taal Vista lobby. La lang.

Pink Sisters grotto (which I later learned via my delayed supersensory recognition system IS being haunted by a Caucasian priest)

Ian and I: Tourist guides plenipotentiary extraordinaire
Missed you Terts!

And this I wish everyone for the coming year!

Photoblog: Christmas in Baguio

Point: Change of Ambiance
Manner: Road Trip to Baguio
Damage: Mucho Dinero
Gain: No Tears

Before Christmas Mass at The CJH Manor

At the Bell tower, getting chummy with a Proverbial Dragon. You should hear him roar.

Little Man Walking

What I loved the Most about Baguio was...

this.... and me getting to do this all I want...

Token pictures of famous sites

Twin Peaks

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2007

In Defense of Daydreams

I don't have a lot of vices. I don't drink alcohol, smoke, gamble or play Ragnarok. But I do have one bad habit I can't shake: Daydreaming.

Aw shucks, you'd say. Daydream ent a vice. We all daydream.

But sir, my daydreams are such that they are violence in itself. It is a harpoon impinged on reality, sucking the air out and leaving the real world listless. It has the power to physically disable me from functioning. It swallows me whole and brings me to places that you may not want to exist.

I have always claimed that I am living a Half-Life (channeling Duncan Sheik), and the truth is, I live half of my life in the physical world and the other half in the world my mind made for myself.

In the midst of everyday living, I had been queen, psychopath and prophetess. I saved the world thrice, saved lives seven by seven hundred times, and sat with Oprah to talk about my mission in Africa. I have written four books, appeared in 6 movies, documented ghosts and superstitious beliefs of the five continents along with Neil Gaiman and M Night Shyamalan. I have killed vultures with cellphones, was kidnapped by a tribe and tortured beyond my wits. I took a bullet for Prince William, lost all my memory and regained it through slow and heartbreaking therapy.

I found out I had psychic powers and could move objects with a semi-think. I learned of my nephilimic ancestry, and took it upon myself to take up the sword on the side of the Light. I fought demons, vampires and creatures of the night. I won over them once just by clapping my hands. I sat on combs that helped me fly, I opened windows that looked out to a sea of dead cats and dogs.

If I tell you right now EVERYTHING I have daydreamed of, it would be the longest entry in the blogging universe. It might also be too scary for the normal Joe and Jane. So I can't.

It sounds bad, I know. But to the imagination that wouldn't rest, the heart that is not satisfied with the lack of magic with the here and now, it's a gift.

It took me a long time to appreciate the romance in the ordinary. But even then, the daydreams cannot stop. Especially not now. When the only way I could be with you is to daydream about it.

When you finally realized that I can exist just for you. Where you finally got over your complacency or terror of the strange and the odd and the truly beautiful. Because what is truly beautiful has always been a terrifying thing.

Until this has become reality --

I daydream.

New Phone!

Bought a new phone yesterday. My old cp was giving out, and maybe I kind of needed to let it go as well. So, I bought this:

It's a Sony Ericsson Z610i. Love it. :p

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rant and Rave


Where the freak did Filipinos get the idea that spitting in the streets was ever ok? I swear, if spit were pearls, we'd be making jewelry for the Queen of England.


Buti na lang, something salvaged my pride in my country. I love that once the Angelus or the 3 o'clock prayer sounds, everybody goes to a stand still, even if you're inside the mall.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Just Because It Makes Me Smile

This is my latest picture, taken yesterday during our unit's annual office clean-up. One good thing about my hospitalization was that I thinned out a teeny weeny bit, enough to make people notice and remark :You've slimmed down a lot!" :p Ah. There's still some small good things. :p
In the pic:
Seated left is Bing who is a babe who can crunch numbers and married (sorry guys) to the wackiest bald young lawyer I know.
Seated right is Geo who is just a couple inches higher than a fire hydrant but quite feisty and smart alecky. You'd love to have her in your corner when there's an argument ensuing. Believe me, you'd always win.
Standing left is Ian who's my best friend at work. And he's miserable company but I love him because he's the kindest creature in God's universe. :p
Posted this to remind me I haven't lost everything.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Shimmering

The Grinch Reaper stole Christmas last year from me. Reason to make me believe that it was forever gone from me and I'll never have it back --- my absolute love of the holidays. By this time last year, I was so busy with my lists. I was in hyper mode, personalizing each gift I give. I even made a fuss about the gift wrapping. It must all be special. I was planning Christmas Noche Buena in my head. I was planning what I will do during my work's forced leave period. I loved Christmas.

But now --- ah. I didn't even make a list this year. All I know is that I have this bunch of friends and I'd probably buy them something. So I ended up buying chocolates. My imagination didn't even spark. I finally knew what it meant to be just going through the motions. That is until I finally had to force myself to go inside a toy store for the kids I need to give gifts to.

Give it to Children to make Christmas fun. Shopping for kids brought back that shimmering feeling -- faint but there. I wanted to stop in the middle of Toy Kingdom and bawl my head out. I didn't want to lose the shimmering. I desperately need it back. I wanted to shout "Stay! Don't leave me!" but it faded nonetheless.

I want to prove to myself that its possible to be happy for all the future holidays --- without my parents. I want to prove it coz I don't believe it.

Please, could somebody give me back Christmas?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Absolutely Not!

Oh no, I'm not!

I'm not gonna die leaving nothing but a lame last entry. How inane was that? It's been groovin'? I think I'm better off watching That 70's Show reruns.

No. If I die, it will be --- fire. Hmmp!



You have no claim upon me --not my soul, nor heart or mind
You may take me prisoner and chain me to the earth
Tear me limb to limb and bring me miles underneath the soil
But you will not have me --- Not Me who breathed free til her last.

I will not go willingly
My fight will be fire and brimstone and the fury of Haephastus
Burning like the Seven Cauldrons of his heated rage
Dare and touch me, Dark Knight, and turn pale listening to the sizzle of your skin.

Watch me --
Burning Brightly --
And I will burn away before your finger lays upon me.
You will not have me go gently.

You will not have me at all.


Needs a bit of work. Good thing I'm not dying yet, eh? Not tonight.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Signs of Life


I'm sorry for the super-long hiatus on posts. I just emerged from a 2-week confinement in the hospital where all the doctors were baffled by my illness. So, after 90K in medical bills, I decided to check out. Whatever. I'll just wing it, nurse myself back to health, with the help of my family.

Or if I die, eh di, I'll die.

Merry Christmas by the way. :P

I haven't got much to blog about. My brain was deep-fried in fever the last few weeks. So I'm not expecting a coherent post. My primary goal was just to show some signs of life. To those who wondered. If ever there was any. Just in case.

I don't know when I'll be able to post again. It can't be everyday people will take pains to prop me up on a chair, open the laptop, and help me stay upright. Yeah, it's that bad. So. I think it's freaking lupus or something. Or leukemia where I'll become pale as a ghost and fade away from people's eyes. Or it could be major mental complex that is hi-jacking my immuno-system, rendering my antibodies to moot. So.

Til we meet again. Whether here or in the next life. It's been groovin'.