Sunday, December 09, 2007

Signs of Life


I'm sorry for the super-long hiatus on posts. I just emerged from a 2-week confinement in the hospital where all the doctors were baffled by my illness. So, after 90K in medical bills, I decided to check out. Whatever. I'll just wing it, nurse myself back to health, with the help of my family.

Or if I die, eh di, I'll die.

Merry Christmas by the way. :P

I haven't got much to blog about. My brain was deep-fried in fever the last few weeks. So I'm not expecting a coherent post. My primary goal was just to show some signs of life. To those who wondered. If ever there was any. Just in case.

I don't know when I'll be able to post again. It can't be everyday people will take pains to prop me up on a chair, open the laptop, and help me stay upright. Yeah, it's that bad. So. I think it's freaking lupus or something. Or leukemia where I'll become pale as a ghost and fade away from people's eyes. Or it could be major mental complex that is hi-jacking my immuno-system, rendering my antibodies to moot. So.

Til we meet again. Whether here or in the next life. It's been groovin'.

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