Thursday, December 13, 2007

Absolutely Not!

Oh no, I'm not!

I'm not gonna die leaving nothing but a lame last entry. How inane was that? It's been groovin'? I think I'm better off watching That 70's Show reruns.

No. If I die, it will be --- fire. Hmmp!



You have no claim upon me --not my soul, nor heart or mind
You may take me prisoner and chain me to the earth
Tear me limb to limb and bring me miles underneath the soil
But you will not have me --- Not Me who breathed free til her last.

I will not go willingly
My fight will be fire and brimstone and the fury of Haephastus
Burning like the Seven Cauldrons of his heated rage
Dare and touch me, Dark Knight, and turn pale listening to the sizzle of your skin.

Watch me --
Burning Brightly --
And I will burn away before your finger lays upon me.
You will not have me go gently.

You will not have me at all.


Needs a bit of work. Good thing I'm not dying yet, eh? Not tonight.

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