Monday, January 05, 2009

First Week Musings

Silas Schuyler Skye is now officially well. Thanks for your warm wishes, bert loi. :)


Just have a new pet peeve: men who wear toooo much cologne / perfume. What are they trying to do? Annihilate every functioning nostril within a mile radius? Why can't they seem to realize that instead of attracting the female of the species, all they succeed at is irritating us instead.

Tip to guys: A hint (and not an atomic hit) of perfume is classy.


Hay, there's this new guy in the office, and he's medium cute. He looks specially nice when he smiles. I remember talking to him already, I think his name is Cedric, Eric or something. Just the fact I can't remember the conversation makes me wary though. It's either I am overly self-absorbed, or he is so forgettable.

I am not so ready to discount my being self-absorbed, so it's still anybody's guess.


I haven't done my new year's list yet. But it's forming in my head already. As of now, I think it will involve: continuing my gym membership, wearing more skirts, eating less meat and more fish, using cloth bags inside grocery stores, and never ever making fun of my sister's height anymore.

It's gonna be good. :)

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