Monday, January 19, 2009

Bride Wars

Seriously? There are girls this obsessed with weddings?

The most I dreamt of about my own wedding is that it'll be done in the Parish of Holy Sacrifice in UP Diliman. I'll wear something white, and oh, yeah, there'll have to be a groom. Other than that, I plan to cross the bridge when I get there.

Thank God I didn't go through the "Our Dream Wedding" scrapbook phase. There are seriously better things to dream of than weddings, in my opinion. It's just one day, and not even the most important day. What's more important is that the days that follow; the fact that you have to make sure you don't end up killing the man you married. But it's a special day, true. One that would entail some planning. But not the cause for the resumption of World War 3.

Liv and Emma were the bff kind of people. They complement each other, want the same things, something short of taking a piss together. But when their respective boyfriends proposed to them, and a mix-up about their wedding dates happened, war ensued.

I'm not going to philosophize about this : there is nothing to think about. You just watch and laugh as one inane thing happen after the other. Oh, and there was a part there that made me cry too. You see, Liv's (Kate Hudson) parents also died early, so she doesn't have them to walk her down the aisle. Emma's (Anne Hathaway) dad came to bless Liv and said something like "From our generation to yours, may you be blessed, They would have given anything to be here." or something. I can really get to hate weddings. When i get married, I can't put on make-up, I'm sure. I'll be bawling my head off, feeling the void where they should be walking beside me as I make my way down to the altar. The air would just be too empty.

Anyway, did it send the message about true friendship? For me, not really. True friends would have agreed to a double wedding.

It also seemed to be one huge advertisement for The Plaza at the 5th.

But Anne and Kate were gorgeous. Their clothes fanastic. Story, plausible enough.

Yeah, it'll be a good hundred bucks thing. That is if you can't wait for the video.

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