Friday, May 10, 2013

An Ode to Paella

I have a craving today, and it can't be sated. I want to eat Paella.

I know that this dish isn't anything like Sinigang na Baboy which has a huge following in the Philippines. But this has always been one of my favorite dishes. As a rice lover, I enjoy the richness and softness of the rice, the mixture of tomatoes and saffron, and the myriad possible toppings you could put on top of a paella.

It's on my top 5 list of Spanish things I love (in good company with the Spanish language, the word delicadeza, the unique chorizo, and my own surname).

I don't understand why Ian and Ella can't get into the paella craze. It's a complete meal on its own. I could eat it for days on straight! Anyways, the last Paella meal I had was in Shangri-la Mall's East wing --- in a new quaint resto called Corazon. It features Spanish-Filipino food, and serves the kind of meals you have grown up with. I luuurved it. Ian ordered the Molo Soup, and it was ok for tastes, but I only had eyes and tastebuds for the heaping pile of ricey goodness which was quite a deal for the price of about P550.

It's funny cos they also serve a dish called Burgos -- which is oxtongue in creamy sauce. I would've wanted to try this because I love tongue (the dictionary definition, ok? PG Tayo).  But Ian has imagination for all the wrong things, and just can't bring himself to eat such a macabre piece of a cow's body. Next time. :D

 Other paella places worth visiting are:
1. Casa Armas - various branches
2. Cerveseria - Greenbelt 3, Makati
3. Frazzled Cook - near Shaw Blvd in Ortigas
4. La Tienda - the branch I tried was near Jupiter in Makati
5. Mom and Tina's - not as fantastic pero pwede na.

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  1. Oh my, Liv, I was just getting ready to google a good vegetarian paella recipe! I love paella too and frequent Casa Armas as they have one of the best vegetarian paellas in town. There's another spanish resto in the third floor of Mega Mall near Chef's Quarter. So disappointed to find out it's closed already. And. . . lengua (Burgos) is something I guiltlessly violate my vegetarian diet for. :-)