Saturday, April 18, 2009

Napasulat Tuloy Ako ng Kanta

I haven't blogged in two weeks, and don't I know it! Nothing of the Caramoan trip, of Holy Week, of recent developments amongst friendships almost lost and recovered. I owe this blog a lot of updates; maybe I'll get around to it in a while.

Today though,I woke up with the urge to write a song about a recent sad story I heard. It's deliberately not a poem; I imagine it having some kind of slow RnB beat to it. Something Jordin Sparks would sing. Kahit ka-cornihan minsan, pero I tried to use the simplest words kasi. Maiba naman sa usual kong drama.

Tina, if you're reading this, maybe you can forward it to your musician friend and ask if he'd deem it worthwhile to arrange. :) :D At tsaka, by the way, hindi ko pa naririnig yung arrangement nya dun sa isa ko pang song. Parinig naman! Wala lang. Para masaya. :D


Harder Standing By

I did not know
Saying I’m sorry I have to go
Or, baby, this is goodbye
Is easier than standing by
As you give her your heart
As you give her your all
When to get her love
You’d give your body and soul…
Believe me,
It’s harder standing by.


Have you ever stood aside
While love passed you by
When you know that it’s right
But you know you’re losing the fight,
So I have to say goodbye
Cos it’s harder standing by.

It's hard to leave
Have always been a little naïve
I have to struggle sometimes
To remember you’re not mine.
Y’know I gave you my heart
I gave it my all
You didn’t ask for my love
Still I gave my body, my soul
Don’t want to be
Just always standing here…



I can’t watch you break your heart
But you won’t let me in that far
You know that I just can’t stand here
I would run to you if I can,
If you just reach out your hand….

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