Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crushing on this Kid MUST be Illegal

I know, I know. Watching 17 Again is like, so gay or grade-school-ish. But aaawwww, I love zac efron, gay hair and all!

He just makes me melt. And I don't mind if the whole world calls me a "cougar" as long as he's my cub. Or Chace Crawford. Although, they do look like they may have been split from the same string bean.

Oh, what? You mean what was the movie all about? Ehrm... something about this 37-year-old guy who got his life so wrong, and was given another chance to re-live his last year in high school to make things right again. There was talk of spirit guides and the right path, or something.

Don't get me wrong. There's a good message in that movie, though I think some people would be put off with the swirling vortexes and fantasy-mode of the whole thing. Me, I suspended all disbelief of course. I wasn't there to watch a good story. I went for eye-candy.

Actually, I think a lot of people did. On the same row as I am, were a bunch of gay high school kids who were audibly panting at some Efron-god-worship shots. Hey, who am I to judge, eh? I am obviously not in high school, very female, and watching the movie alone. The least they would think is that I never grew up, or at most, a perv.

Live and let live, I do declare.

I'd give anything to be 17 again, if it means Zac would be older than I am instead of him younger than my kid sister. Coz that's just sad.


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  1. That's ok. I'm totally crushing Thomas Dekker of Terminator. Gosh. I feel like I'M 17 again.