Saturday, April 11, 2009

Goodbye to the Gilmore Girls

I know, I know. The last season of the Gilmore Girls has come and gone. But I lost touch for a while there, and I never really got to see the whole of Season 7.

For those of you who’ve been reading my blog since 2004, you would know how insane I was for the show. I adored Lorelei and Rory, and have always imagined myself as the third Gilmore Girl. I even tried to guzzle up coffee because I figured their caffeine-soaked tizziness is the reason why they’re so witty and snarky and gorgeous. It was one of the more intelligent TV shows in its time, and I loved everything about the show. I went through all of the girls’ phases --- Rory’s Dean and Jess ( who I wanted for my own) and that guy who’s now on OC and Marty and finally, hunky Logan, as well as Lorelei’s Christopher, Rory’s English Teacher guy, Luke and Christopher again til she ended with Luke again.

Truth be told, I’m coming from Team Christopher. I mean, Luke’s nice and all, and it ain’t bad to marry the guy who makes the greatest coffee in the world, but Christopher… (make swoony moaning sounds)… c’mon! In the end, he really grew up, and was all about commitment, and was all about doing anything for Lore AND looks good in tight pants and never wears flannel shirts like it was some sort of uniform. Luke is a good friend, and I know Lorelei not ending up with Luke would have defeated the show’s whole purpose --- which is to prove that these girls do life as it comes and are not afraid to be quirky and different. But God, save me from choosing between gruffy, backward-cap man and golden-smile-man who would do anything for me because I know, am 99.9% certain, really positively probably gonna choose the latter. I know a lot of people were relieved that Luke and Lore hooked up in the end and their hearts were warmed and their cups runneth over, but I am not one of them. Poor, poor Chris.

And Lorelei, sheesh.

Seriously. Midway into the season, I found myself being… gasp… irritated by the choices Lorelei were making. She just has a lot of… issues, and she is uncompromising about her choices. How self-centered can one person get? I’m sure some of my friends who also adored her would defend that she’s just being the strong woman by making the right choice, any other year I might’ve agreed. But not anymore. It’s just that she makes a stand for being strong at all the inappropriate times. When Chris asked her to marry him in Paris, but she was still feeling something for Luke, that’s when she should’ve been strong. Not after the fact of marriage where she has to go through divorce and putting Rory through losing her dad… again. There’s strong and there’s self-centered. Sure, they hid it well, but I recognize it for what it was. People keep making mistakes about what strength is: it’s not about being snarky, and demanding and aggressive and confrontational. Some people would like to call it that, because hell knows it makes for a better show. But it isn’t. It’s just bells and whistles, but it doesn’t make the car run.

And OMG. All that talking. I used to love that, but this time around, I got soooo tired listening to the repartee. All the analyzing and yakking just drained me out.

I don’t know what changed. Or maybe I do know. A couple of years added to my age, a couple more incidents that completely shattered my pretty picture of how life should go, a couple of heartbreaks, a couple of real-life reasons not to believe in happily, and snarkily, ever after. I think I may have outgrown the Gilmore Girls.

But here’s to a great show. I admit half of who I am and who I imagined I want to be was influenced by this show. Things change though. Quirky, still good. Uncompromising, na-uh. Strong, Aces. Self-absorbed, Thumbs down.

Goodbye to the Gilmore Girls. It was good while it lasted. It really was.

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