Friday, August 01, 2008

The Truth About Falling

Truth is, once you love someone, you cannot unlove them. You’d have to be exhausted to give up. Unfortunately, the best kind of love does not get tired. It cannot just give up. Even when it hurts too much already, even if it has become painfully clear your love cannot be returned, you cannot stop. You’d sooner forget how to breathe than how to not love him.

I wish it were a case of being smart or being stupid. Most of the world’s smartest people have fallen in love and gotten hurt. Some of the world’s stupidest people have never been in love, and they have rendered themselves beyond inane. No, it isn’t intelligence that saves you from it. It has got to be the heart, specifically the heart that has enough strength to do the whole dance, falter, miss a step, stumble, crack a toe, break toenails and yet, bruises and blood aside, keep on dancing.

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