Thursday, August 28, 2008

101 Romantic Ideas

Blame it on a flash of temporary insanity when I decided to download this pdf on romantic ideas. Reading through it felt silly, especially since about 90% of the ideas were as mushy as ground corn meal swimming in milk with copious amount of sugar that could calcify your veins and will make you an instant attraction to giant fire ants. But not all of them were bad. There were some which sounded interesting and ---- potentially cute.

Here's a rundown of what's cute or mush out of the list:

100% MUSH

If your partner is going away for a few days, tell her that you are worried about her so you have organized a bodyguard to look after her. Then give her a small teddy bear.(Just make sure there's not hidden cameras in the cutie)

Photocopy your hand and fax a copy of it to your partner with a message saying, "Do ya wanna hold hands?" (Is it just me or this sounds autistic?)

Next time you order a pizza, ask to have it cut into a heart shape before it is delivered to your home. (Can you imagine the curses you'd solicit from the doughmaker? "What do those SOBs think pizza is made of? Play dough?")

Idea # 69
Create a personalized magazine cover for your partner. To do this, get hold of a good quality photo of her and a copy of a popular entertainment magazine.

Take these two items to a print shop or graphic design agency. Ask them to
scan your partner's photo and develop a magazine cover with the lead story
being, "The 30 most beautiful women of 2003".

When you get the cover, stick it on the front of a real magazine and ask your
local shop owner whether you can place it in the magazine rack. Organize to
meet your partner at the shop before going out. When she arrives, tell her
that you are just looking for a magazine. Let her browse the rack and
discover her magazine.

Idea #77
Even if you are just going down the road to buy some milk, act as though you
are returning home after a major adventure. Say something like, "Well it was touch and go there for a while with the snow and the wolves but I made it!" and then give your partner a huge bear hug. (Also a good way of knowing if your boyfriend's a drama king.)

Give your partner a magic gift box. Every month, place a new small gift in the box for her to discover. (Perfect if you're a Zobel de Ayala)

When you are relaxing at home one night, take two large sheets of paper and some pencils or crayons. On each piece of paper, draw the outline of a large crystal ball sitting on a stand. Tell your partner to look into her crystal ball and draw what she sees five years in the future. Do the same thing yourself and then come together to share and discuss your drawings. (I bet this is how Dr. Phil does it)

Idea #101
Serve your partner breakfast in bed. Try the following:
(1) A poached egg in the shape of a heart - you can pick up a heart shaped
poacher at most shops that sell kitchen wares. (Again, with the heart thing. You don't actually love with your heart, right? But I guess it's always easier to shape a heart than a hypothalamus)
(2) French toast with cinnamon and maple syrup.
(3) Cereal.
(4) Fruit juice.
(5) A fresh flower.

P.S. What is the shape of the hypothalamus anyway?


If your partner has to work late, take a lunch box and fill it with some of her favorite things such as chocolates, herbal tea, cookies, a small teddy bear. Next, get a piece of paper and write "Michelle's Late Night Survival Pack" Draw a big red cross below this and stick the paper to the top of the box. Tell your partner to open the box when things get really tough.

If you are walking by a park, visit the swings and give your partner a ride. This will often bring back happy memories from her childhood.

If your partner has long hair, take the time to brush it using long slow strokes.

Idea #49
Next time it is raining really heavily, go for a walk with your partner. Forget the umbrellas and the raincoats. Run through the streets together, jump in puddles and get totally saturated.
Pick her up, twirl her around and kiss her while the rain falls. Taste the water off her face and hold her close.

On a hot summers day, buy two large water pistols and take them to the beach with you.
Pull them out and throw one to your partner and then have a huge water fight.

Spend a leisurely afternoon with your partner in a large book shop such as Borders where you can browse the shelves, share a coffee and sit down to peruse your purchases.


I’m going out on a limb here and divulge some of the ideas I thought romantic while growing up. Some of them I still hold on to. Some of them have made appearances in stories I wrote. None of them, however, came true yet. Hehehe!

Buy packs and packs of M&Ms and a see-thru jar of cookies. Then fill up the jar with BLUE candies only. All the rest you can keep for yourself (Nice!). Or, I just thought of this, to be cost-effective you can buy another jar and fill it with red M&Ms next time. Ha!

Give him a stuffed toy you had as a kid. The idea of your manly boy cuddling up to your plushy bear is cute.

Surprise him by offering to shave his stubble--- shaving cream and all. You’d have to be extra careful as the whole operation can be very delicate.

The next time you both head out to the beach, hug him while in the water or ask him to float beside you and share the moment’s peace.

Praise him for something good he did and punctuate it by squeezing his hands and kissing his cheeks.

I think the most important factor is the candidness of the whole thing. Once you over-plan it, it gets kind of stale and corny. Of course, that’s just my idea. Not as if I’m the world’s expert on romantic ideas. Feel free to share some of yours… if you dare.

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