Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Want To Believe

What I remember about X-Files is that it scared the heck out of me and I liked it. Looking back, I probably did not understand most of what was going on in the plots but it made me feel wonderment, and that was enough. The series itself primed me for my eventual taste for things fantastic. X-Files taught me to believe. :)

Yeah, I was a nerd, how many times do I need to repeat this?

Ella and I watched the new X-Files movie, and well, we did it for good times' sake. It made us remember our childhood to watch Dana and Fox do their investigative dance on the big screen. I realized we only understood a part of it when Ella surprisingly remarked, "Doctor pala si Scully?"

Uh, yeah, hello?!? But then I totally forgot that Mulder was into the X-Files because he was trying to find his sister who he believed was abducted by aliens. How could I have forgotten that, right? I mean, really.

Now, about the movie: Duchovny was quoted that the new movie is clever and complicated. I agree on one count: it is complicated. But I can't shake the feeling that it was so mababaw for the big-screen. It's an okay plot for TV, but I was expecting something mind-blowing for the movie. Twists and turns does not a great mystery movie make. There's also the quality of cleverness which would make people see the twists as "Wow!" and the turns as "I never saw that coming!" You can see the things coming from seven miles away. I was sitting inside the movie theater and I made a game out of predicting the next probable scenes.

1> Testing the Psychic... so obvious. Bring him to the wrong house and see if he recognizes the place. So NYPD Blue.
2> Blood from the eyes everytime psychic gets visions.... good thing they restrained themselves from portraying the head lolling and eye rolling shenanigans.
3> Dana Scully.... still an unbeliever. I mean, newsflash. She's still rigid.
4> Mulder.... from the beard to the wide-eyed " I Wanna Believe" modicum... right on cue everytime.
5> The Russians. Sure, make them the villains. I mean, Russians... Hollywood's been doing that since forever. Can't the Polynesians have their time? (I suppose it's because Stem Research ain't so hot in Micronesia)

But to the good points now: What's clever is that it made me sit up and notice Stem Cell Research. I slept through most of STS (Science and Technology and Society) course in UP, so the chop-chop person aspect was interesting at least.

I'm just glad it's not about aliens this time. I think we have enough "darkness" on earth and amidst humans without bringing in the problems of species from outer space.

And of course, the Dana-Fox action: nothing hot and steamy. They're older now, so the plot settled for the sweet and sentimental. Yeah, 8 years, and I still think Dana and Fox should be XOXO forever. Some youthful sentiments die hard.

Watch it if only for bringing back the good ole days of yore.


The movie was more of this:

And absolutely none of this:

The repressed aspect of my self is very, very disappointed. But the optimistic romantic aspect is like hurraying til her voice gets hoarse.

Well, that's just me and my multiple personalities acting up. Don't you be bothered about it.

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