Thursday, August 07, 2008

An Influential Person

I attended this training today which teaches us how to sell effectively. PBSP is hoping we could sell the foundation better than Gawad Kalinga. That's not what I'm going to talk about though. I really loved the part where we were taught what our Key Behavioral Patterns are. There are 4: the DOminant, the Influential, Steady, and Conscientious.

The Ds get things done, and they have no trouble delegating work. They are the here and now people. Trust that they'll get things done as fast as they can. Motto: If Others Can, Why Should I?.

The Is are the showbiz people: likes to talk, focuses on people, wants to be on the spotlight. They shapethe environment by influencing people to finish the job. In short, life coach. The Ra-rah girls. Familiar much? No need to say, I'm an I.

The Ss are people who are always preparing for everything. The thing is, it takes them a looong time to get things done because they want to make sure they're ready.

The Cs are systematic people who give great attention to detail. They are OC, but they do make sure quality is maintained.

I just liked the fact that my team has Ds, and Is, and Cs, and Ss. Ate Raffi's a C, Ian's an S. Makes sense now why I get along well with them. It also gives me an idea how to predict their behaviour. Me, the observer, also likes to prophesy.

So the next few days, be sure that when I'm staring at you, I'm trying to gauge if you're a D,S,I or C.


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