Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I decided to give Twilight another chance. I read it again over the weekend, and just like before it was painful to read the book from cover to cover. I have read longer novels in a day, so length isn't the issue. It's the writing.

Don't flame me for this: I still think the writing is awful. Yet I've read somewhere that some books aren't perfectly written, but if the idea hits something interesting, it's gold. So Twilight is really poorly written, the dialogues doesn't have a natural feel to it (as if everyone is put upon), not to mention that Edward and Bella's lines were overkill most of the time, but I guess it was descriptive enough to have sparked the imagination of thousands worldwide.

I have to admit that for a writer, that's the point. You share a story, and people like it and the characters you made will live forever in their imaginations. If we look at it that way, Meyer has done an amazing feat. And as the trend in H-wood dictates: for every successful publication, a movie shall follow.

I'm sure Mariel is delirious about the upcoming movie. I heard there were some heated debate about who should play Edward Cullen. It was a hard role to fill, I'm sure, after having been described in the book as "so beautiful it hurts the eyes" "dangerous and beautiful" and "inhumanly perfect" (see what corn mush the book has? a bit of a hard-sell for beauty, as if there aren't any other words). Of course that's not Robert Pattinson (remember Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter?). That's nobody alive or human. Nobody Hollywood can pay to act in a movie. But Bella is perfect. I saw this girl (Kristen Stewart) in Zathura and I already thought she was cute but edgy. I like her as Bella.

The movie press pics are great. I think Twilight found its element here. It sucks as a book, but it might just be a great movie. Overkill and all.


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