Sunday, August 03, 2008


It’s CSI with a twist, it’s Ghost Whisperer with a hoax. Naturally, I can’t keep myself away.

I have just watched an 8-episode marathon of the TV series Psych. Honestly, it was easy. All I had to was pop the DVD in, lean back, and press play before I realized I wouldn’t be sitting still before long. Soon I was holding my sides while laughing. I find the show really funny. It does get over-acting, but it’s part of its charm. Shawn Spencer plays a guy who’s got more than just a photographic memory. He’s also got enough processing units to make sense of all the data he receives. So in short, he’s a freakin’genius. So of course, I can relate. Haha! The thing is, an incident in his life forced him to pretend he’s a psychic because it’s so much easier to explain this than his particular genius. When people bought it, he (and his friend Gus) realized that it’s not a bad way to earn their moolah. So they set up a psychic detective agency which they named PSYCH, and they work on retainer for the local police. They pretend it’s all psychic shenanigans, when in fact, it’s just Spencer’s uncanny gift doing the guesswork all along.
Seriously, it’s a cute concept. Some people might find his antics a bit overacting, but I think that’s exactly why I like it. The show candidly portrays both ends of the spectrum --- the believers and the skeptics. Honestly, if somebody did that whole jittering body, shaky voice mystic act in front of me, I’d chalk him up as a fake. That’s why it amuses me how some people buy it. James Roday, who I should say is kind of hot, plays Spencer. I mean, sure, he’s short, but he’s handsome.

I also like Maggie Lawson who plays Detective Juliet O’Hara. She’s the kind of blond I like. Not ditzy looking, but not sly either. She looks like a less slutty Alicia Silverstone (don’t get me wrong, I love Alicia, but not everybody can be her). :)

All I know is that I’d be counting the minutes until Friday night because that’s when I could get to watch the rest of the episodes. Try to catch it yourself. It’s being shown on cable TV and the free local channels. Thursdays @ 8 p.m.

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