Friday, August 29, 2008

Money Blues and a Damnable Flu

I just got my salary yesterday, all 4 digits of it and now it's gone.... like a fantasy bubble that I just thought I had. Of course, I used it to pay for gym membership and bought a week's groceries. Also a couple of magazines from Booksale and I now barely have enough for tomorrow's lunch with the girls and defintely nothing for the book club gimik on Sept. 20. And what about my transpo allowance? Nada. I wouldn't be able to afford a Siomai House pack by next week. Hay. It sucks to be on the low-paying end of the salary spectrum.

I wish that loan could get paid already. My life's going nowhere this way. The DLSU stint is like a lifeline for my social life and it sucks everytime the term is over. All that's keeping my moving is the thought that the term will start on Sept. 13 and I'l have a little breathing space again.

I don't know how else to save... I'm downloading books from the net for goodness sake. Am sacrificing my eyes by reading e-books instead of buying the real thing. All the goodies I get to buy myself are bought for me by my younger sister. How embarassing can that get?

But my whining in this venue will probably get me nowhere. Just needed to unload my money blues so I can focus on my damn health.

I have the flu again and every part of my body just about radiates pain. And I thought I'm getting stronger by hitting the gym everyday. I had to absent myself from work today and where will that get me in the money department? Siyempre bawas na naman sa suweldo.

My life is falling apart and I absolutely have no idea what bamboo sticks or toothpick to use to keep it standing up. I'm grasping at straws here and it wouldn't be so bad if somebody up there sends a little help.

Don't get me wrong, God had given me a strong rope as lifeline the past few months. It's keeping me afloat. The problem with afloat is --- you don't get anywhere. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever see dry land again.

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