Monday, August 25, 2008

Laugh Trip...Not

A couple on the bus this morning was watching a comedian’s performance, which they recorded on their cell phone. Aside from the fact that they were playing it uber-loud, I also got irritated with the kind of jokes the crackpot was making. He was just dissing people and the way they look. He was also heaping lots of insults on his partner -- some of them going as low as calling the other person a type of fecal matter. The amazing thing is, the couple were laughing hard at the jokes.

What the freak was so funny about it?

I have a long list of things I’m taking umbrage about, but for the sake of brevity, let me just highlight the important ones:

1} Why would I pay to enter a club where I know I’ll be dissed on or just end up watching other people be dissed? We seem to have the taste for watching people burn for being who they are. And I thought the days of slapstick comedy were already thankfully over. Other people’s humiliation serves as fodder for our heartiest laughter, and if that’s not just plain cruel, then at the very least, it’s stupid.

I know we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously, and learn to laugh at ourselves. But I wonder how many people pay to be dissed and how many pay because they know other people will be dissed as well? I am yet to meet someone who can laugh heartily when being criticized, even if it was only to humor people. Most of the time they cringe or smile shyly or turn apple red with embarrassment. But when other people’s turn come up, they’d be the first to lose breath while ROTFL. Which proves what, I wonder?

2} Wasn’t it said that only dumb people talk about other people? Comment on the weather, why don’t you, then give us some real wit, but razing another person is inane. You know the TV series Last Comic Standing? I loved the finalists on the show. Especially the ones where they were just commenting on things they have observed or personally experienced. Now, that is funny. It’s witty and smart and relevant. Mean can be funny; sarcastic can be funny; but turn it unto yourself, not other people. I mean if I was, for some godforsaken reason, stuck inside a comedy bar and some gay diva dressed as Tina Turner starts toasting my tooshie, fur will fly count on it. I will rip her/his false eyelashes off and pull his nose hair with a pair of tweezers I keep handy for moments just like that. Sing, dance the Macarena, share how you burned your toast this morning while gawking at your hot neighbor, but please keep the jokes within 2 yards of yourself. Keep us out of it.
3} ABOVE THEM ALL, I just don’t like the idea of promoting the idea of commenting on personal appearances or exaggerated insults as a form of entertainment. What we amuse ourselves with becomes hardwired into the brain after a while. Do you want mean people walking the streets commenting on how painfully stretched your skirt is over you humongous butt? No. Nobody does.
Let’s not condone cruel humor because nobody wants to live in a world full of spiteful halfwits.

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