Thursday, September 27, 2007

when your mind plays tricks on you

Last night, I dreamt that all this time Daddy and Mummy were just hiding in the wardrobe and weren't really dead. When I realized this, I opened the door and Daddy jumped out laughing. I hugged him soooo tightly and was saying I'm sorry because I sold our car. He said it's okay, we'll be okay, and I was thinking how our old life would come back now that they're back.

Then Ella woke me up. She said she felt my forehead and I had a slight fever. My stomach was also cramping like hell and I was woozy. I was angry she woke me up. I really thought my dream was real. I started getting angry at God for making me dream that, just to make me feel miserable, I supposed. But I caught myself and realized, it was supposed to be the other way around. My mind is playing tricks on me so as to make me happy even if it was only for a couple of brief moments.

I must be somewhere really low right now for my subconscious to play tricks on me. I'm getting sick again because I'm sad. It's always been that way. :(

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