Saturday, September 15, 2007


Oh my.

What have they done to Neil Gaiman's Stardust?

Have you read the book? I swear, read it. It is seven billion times better than the movie. It is not as kooky or silly as the film made it out to be. I think just because it follows a fairytale pattern, the filmakers took the liberty of making it as nonsensical as can be legally allowed.

Michelle Pfeiffer was... ludicrous. And don't get me started on Claire Danes. I was never a fan of her wide-eyed cuter-than-thou acting. But she turned the ethereal but witty Yvaine into... into... Claire Danes. And the boy who played Tristan, well... maybe he's okay. But he is very forgettable. The only thing I enjoyed was Robert de Niro's performanc as a gay pirate captain although the elucidation was definitely not part of the original story. A pink feathered boa wearing, silk dress donning captain of the free ship Perdita was invented on the spot, it seems. And what were those ghosts hanging about the remaining Lord of Stormhold commenting like half-assed and drunk sport commentators?

If you haven't read the book, maybe you can bear to watch the movie. But if you liked Gaiman's novel, steer the hell clear. I know the changes were sanctioned by Gaiman. He was very involved in the production. I wonder why he let them do it?

I suppose, consumerism has the answer under the guise of "appropriate media formats."

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