Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Starstruck sa Senate

I accompanied Ella to a job interview in the Senate today. She was called in by the office of Sen. Mar Roxas for a legal position in economic research. Of course, it wouldn't be such a good imprssion if I stayed in the office with her so I loitered around while waiting. I found myself on the 2nd floor Session Hall where a senate hearing over the ZTE Broadband deal was being investigated. Kinapalan ko na lang mukha ko and sat down to listen.

Wow. I usually hate those smug-looking senators on tv, but when you watch the session pala, you get an idea how human they still are. The first 2 senators I saw up close was Enrile and Jinggoy Estrada. My God. Enrile is old. And Jinggoy's pomade-stricken hair is tall. I found myself wondering if he really did think that kind of hairstyle was ever in fashion? Then, to the good guys: I saw Mar Roxas and Francis Pangilinan. I saw Alan Cayetano and Pia Cayetano. I like how Biazon carried himself. And of course, there's Chiz Escudero. :P

Starstruck ako.

Ella got positive remarks for her interview. Sana nga tawagan siya for hiring. I would love for her to work there. Wow. Talaga, wow.



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  2. I like how Biazon carries himself din. If he's a bit younger baka crush ko siya. ;p