Monday, September 03, 2007

The Misadventures of Nancy Drew


I was supposed to watch a premiere showing of Nancy Drew today. Ian gave me 3 free tickets and I hyped Ella and Dre to go along with me. Except that from minute zero, fate tried to stop me from watching it.

First, I rode the wrong jeepney going to Makati. I found myself traversing Roxas Blvd when what I wanted was a jeepney to bring me down at the UN Ave LRT station. I went down and rode another jeepmey which I thought would pass by Taft. But as it turned out, it takes a left a good 3 blocks before the corner. Argh! So I rode a taxi and wasted Php 150.

When I reached Greenbelt 3, I thought it was a blessing that they haven't even started letting the people in. I thought Fate was making it up to me for giving me such a hassle in commuting. The minutes ticked by, then hours, and still no movie!

The lagarista did not make it on time for the 7:30 showing. Actually, we gave up waiting around 9:30 p.m. They said the movie will start in 15 minutes, but we've heard that for the nth time in the last 2 hours. Dream FM as sponsor and organizer was so palpak.

note to self: if ever I am going to use a film showing to promote my product, make sure that:

1. I set it on the date I know I already have the film IN MY HANDS; and
2. Get competent staff who will not wonder aloud in the cinema lobby if they faxed the letter right to the delivery person/company.

When I told Ian, he thought I was joking. I wasn't blaming him of course, he so good-naturedly provided what would've been an amazing ticket. But... the event itself: WAS A BIG LOSER JOKE.

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