Sunday, September 30, 2007

La Salle Area Exposure Part 1

After exactly one year, I'm back in De La Salle teaching CWTS. I don't know if it's just me, but I'm getting the feeling that it's getting harder for me to relate to these kids. They all look like adults to me, so it astounds me when they manage to say the most nonsensical things. I think, maybe, I'm just getting old. They are also getting rowdier. Or maybe, I've become less tolerant. When I try to wonder why, I came up with only one reason:

I already know how short our lives can be, and how unexpected its end might come, so waste not a minute! Every second I try to call them back to focus at the topic at hand, every second I try to jibe them back into attention, are in effect, seconds wasted. But maybe, they haven't realized that yet. Maybe, I'm just getting geriatric.

Anyhow, yesterday, we went on field to Mapulang Lupa, Valenzuela where we are working with the Urban Missionaries. One thing I can say though, no matter what people think of La Sallians, to me they're not really matapobre. The kids, although some of them got bored by the end of it, did not show disgust on their faces, not once. I see this kids in the classroom, and they're all English-speaking brats who needs personal yayas, but on field, they deal. Sometimes, I'm even proud of them. :p

I'm amazed at myself for saying all these, knowing I had always preferred Ateneans. Who by the way won the UAAP Basketball semis last Thursday by the skin of their teeth. Booya! Wish them luck today. :P

Back to the topic. Yesterday, I was impressed by my students. If they felt anything other than pleasure about being in the squalid area, it didn't show on their faces. I know they must have found it difficult. I found it difficult and I work in an NGO.

It was raining hard too, and the unmade roads were muddy and slippery. And poop on the ground were all mushy as well. And the clothes hung out to dry were already soaking wet. My face was hit by dripping bras and undies nth times. It's hard work for me. But for them who might be new to it, it must be Calvary. But they were all little rays of sunshine. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Maybe next time I will praise them for their behavior. Give out M&Ms at the end of the class as reward and motivation for next time. Just have to remember its for them and not for me. :D

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