Sunday, September 30, 2007

Echo! Echo!

I also attended Tita Remy's daughter's debut party in Alabang last night. I was with some of the LRO people, namely: Bing and hubby Tantan, Geo and bf Nino, Tita Guada and hubby and Ian. I pity those who do not know Tantan, personally know him and can converse with him because he is such a laugh! My stomach hurts with all the LOL and ROTFL. No wonder he got a hot babe like Bing. I mean, hello! Bing needs a smart man who can make her laugh. Cos she's a smart girl. Unlike some of the girls we saw during the party.

Bing, weird enough, was the first to point out a pretty girl who was one of the 18 wishers for the debut. Tantan and Ian stood up and watched the whole thing. Amidst ribbing and quips of, "Pwede, pwede!" the girl started to speak and Tantan said, "pare, wag na lang kaya natin pakinggan? baka ma-dissapoint lang tayo." ("Maybe we just shouldn't listen, we might get dissappointed.")

True enough, my brain refused to register anything she said, because it was totally senseless. To which Tantan said, "Sabi ko sa inyo eh." (I told you so.)

And to Bing I said, "Nothing but Echo! Echo!"
(As in, you could whisper in her ear and hear your voice echo inside her empty cavernous head)

Bing smiled serenely and said, "Hindi talaga binibigay ng Diyos lahat sa isang tao..." (God really doesn't give everything to just one person)

Wise and sagely, that. Amen. Amen.

Would I rather be pretty and shapely? I think I'll keep ME the way I am. I rather like the feel of having functioning brain cells. And besides, I DO have a shape, and that is round.

So, to all the boys: Visiting the Grand Canyon is far more amusing. And it wouldn't cost you as much as keeping an Echo Girl. So Goodluck, luck, luck, luck.......

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