Friday, September 21, 2007

Kooki KC

Hay. I've always been told that I resemble KC Concepcion, except that maybe I've been bitten by too many bees because I'm "namamaga sa katabaan."

I don't complain at all because I happen to really like her -- face, attitude and all. Recently, she's been all over the news; and with her special documentary about to be shown, she's getting quite a megastar like her mom as well. I like the fact that she's so down-to-earth and funny. If I was famous, I'd want to be like that. And of all the many young celebrities in the country, I don't think I like anyone more than her. Actually, I don't like a lot of celebrities, only her. Just her and Marky Cielo. Ha! They are, I believe, the 2 people I'd like to have as friends, regardless of whether they were famous or not. Because I think, there's something more to them. Stuff I'd love to discover in the course of friendship.

I really can't decide. I want her life. But I'd settle to have her as a new best friend. :P Diba, parang ang saya? Someone that witty and well-versed to have discussions with and to shop with. But maybe my friends and I are a little too unglamorous to find ourselves in the same circles of society. Meeting her, I suppose would be enough. :p

If you want to get to know her a little herself, visit her multpily site to understand why I think she's all that:

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