Saturday, September 01, 2007

Quick Stop

Alryt, this is going to be quick. I'm in UP (alma mater!) to meet up with Gilda and Terteen. They're both going to be late, fortunately. So I have this few precious minutes to log in a post. I was sure I had something in mind today, but I probably lost the thread of it while doing the threadmill inside Cinefit. Spent 2 hours re-watching The Covenant (remember the hot male witches?) and heck yeah, they were still hot and can still melt brain cells too.

Then, I probably had a slight aneurism because I bought new blouses and new office shoes. Well, it wasn't exactly splurging. PBSP is re-issuing its dress code and I can't wear my comfy slip-ons anymore. Okay. Enough about shopping.

There was something. I'll be damned if I remember. Except maybe I can ask this question instead:

What if there's this guy you like, but he does not fit your expectations of a, well, guy-you-like? I.e. does not like books, does not like music, does not even like company. And since I am not 15 years old anymore, I'm not about to memorize NBA statistics or stock up on car catalogues and watch wrestling (what's that type of wrestling they do in a cage? kinda freestyle? basta yung gory). He's just like a guy's guy. Not meaning gay, of course. I have had enough of that for three lifetimes.

I guess the question is, can you help me freakin' understand why I even like him?

I sound like I'm 13. But well, Im not embarassed to admit that when it comes to love, I have the aptitude of an 8 year old.

I miss those days when the world was simple. When love equates to chocolate, pizza, Nancy Drew books and kite-flying with Mummy and Daddy. Hate means vegetables, Mrs. Bigaw and school.

Now, there's this whole spectrum of like, passive-like, assertive-love, blah, blah. When the white and blacks mixes in with varying shades of gray and one can just get so lost trying to find color again.


Wish I was 8 again.

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  1. because you do. no need for explanations...if i were you, just enjoy the company.