Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Crossing the Threshold

I've never wanted anything more complex than what I want this moment:

That you were feeling the same way I felt when we parted. That you smiled for not knowing why or what for, but that you just felt like it. Maybe you knotted your eyebrows while you wondered why. Then, though it's difficult to admit it, you realize that yes, it's because you were with me.

Actually, even if you just smiled without thinking much about it, that's something already. That is hope. And there is our chance.

Honestly, I am getting weary praying to God that it might be you. I'm starting to think His non-intervention is a sign in itself. I've done this before, remember? And failed miserably. It took a lot of my strength to admit to myself that I may have fallen in love with you. And if I was wrong again about giving my love to someone who can not return it... if I am just making a fool of myself again...

Then this world would be seven hundred degrees crueler than I view it to be. I might never recover.

Kaya ngayon pa lang , magkalinawan na tayo:

You're not gay, right? Sorry, i need to ask because, uhm, that was mistake number 1.

If you're not gay, are you hung-up on your mother? Or maybe you're taken by a secret girlfriend you never told me about. Please tell me it's just one of the many guy insecurities I've heard about. Because if the problem isn't you, then I'd have to accept that it's me.

Yikes, problema yan. :p If you're waiting for me to slim down, screw you. Yes, I'm strange most of the time, too peachy for you average pessimist, and too smart for my own good. But if you let the thousand and one reasons hold you back, screw the world. Cross the goddamn threshold, little boy.

Hold my hand again and we can do it together.

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