Tuesday, August 28, 2007

unloading mind boggles

I just want to post here the other winners of the Blogging Contest. I've read most of them, and they're really quite interesting:

Grand Prize (trip for 2 to Kuala Lumpur) - Anitokid
1st Runner Up (Sanyo digital camera) - Anton Diaz
Winners of a DVD Player
Ganns Dean
Butch Dado
Annabelle Caloschoy

Other Winners of the Nike Sunglasses
Rowena Wendy Lei
Myrna Co
Dine Racoma

Thanks again to Sm Hypermarket. :P

Kainis. Gilda if you're reading this, pahamak ka. :p

When you texted Ian about me blogging about him, I had to explain ad nauseaum. Oh well, my fault. I just really needed to psychoanalyze and ready myself before the tragedy strikes, y'know. Hindi naman siya nagalit, but it was a little embarassing. My face felt like a hot tamale.

See you Friday. We'll dine, wine and then I'll maim you. Hehe. Just kidding. :P

I had this dream last night. It felt weird. The setting was some beach paradise I don't recognize. The main event was when I saw this guy I like and he was down swimming in the waters while I'm sitting some 2.2 meters up on this sheer cliff. Other people (strangers) were sitting beside me and they were all so careful not to fall just as I was.

I wanted to dive into the waters and the only thing stopping me was that I couldn't swim. I was afraid of drowning. But he was calling out to me.

Guess what? I didn't jump.

I woke up with the most horrible feeling in the world.

Just needed to unload today. I left my cp at the office because of my absent-mindedness the whole day. Kasi naman, kung anu-ano iniisip eh. Hirap ng lutang.


I have a new / not new story inside my head. Not new because the main plot was something that came to me a couple of years ago pa. New, because I found a new twist in it.

It's going to be about a Hidden People. They are "normal" functioning members of society, but they don't know that their lineage is a little more preternatural than others. You remember in the Bible when they said some angels took human wives and they were called nephilims? Well, these people have nephilim blood. Now comes a point in time when their hidden "divine" nature was called to life because Metatron needs to know who will fight on the side of Light against the Darkness' last uprising. Central character will be a young man who is the last of the line of a mega-angel and his decision is crucial.

On the other hand, there is this angel, Ophelia who was one of those assigned to guard him and assist him in his soul searching. She's a warrior angel used to watching over kings and such like. Being around people have made her yearn for an earthly life. She falls for the man. And then she'll choose to literally fall from being an angel so that he could aide the man in his new role as leader of the light. (reminiscent of that scene from City of Angels where Nicolas Cage had to fall from a great height to become human).

Parang ganun. Don't know other details yet. Will let you know pag meron na.

Ok. So far yun pa lang. :)


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  1. true, the entries were interesting, even the non winning entries were interesting.