Sunday, August 19, 2007

Somber Childhood

Out of a whim, my sister and I perused our old photo albums looking for family pictures. I just noticed that most of my pictures back then showed that was a pain for me to smile. Ella confirmed by saying that I was really like that back then. She called me "serious." Hmmm... so I wasn't the ray of sunshine I thought I was all along then. :P I wonder what effected the change in me?

One of my aunts told me that it was probably because I was pressured to perform well in my academics in grade school and high school. I did note that I got to be freer when I started in UP and it was like exhaling after a long long time of holding my breath.

But could it also be because of my reading material? Back then, I was really into the classics where lives are always full of suffering and artistic ennui. Now, I read fantasy which lent me wings to soar on my imagination. Back then, mysteries were a pain in the neck, always needing to be understood. Now, mysteries are to be believed in and accepted.

Whatever it was, I'm glad it happened. Not like I completely let go of the stress and storm anyway. I still do get all melancholic when my world's off-kilter. Oh well. Just introspecting.

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  1. maturity does that. we become more forgiving of everything. suddenly the weight of the world we used to carry is lifted and we get to smile more.