Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Losing Maddie

Even the hardest heart would melt with that smile. Okay, if you've been hiding under a rock lately here's the dish: This little girl was snatched from her bed inside a hotel room in Portugal. Their parents were dining out in a nearby Tapas bar and they claimed they had been regularly checking on Maddie and her 2 siblings. Then, someone snatched her from the right under their noses.

In the UK, they're swept up with the move to find Maddie. It's become a movement, with millionaires funding the search, offering reward money and whatsuch. Her dad even keeps a journal now on the official Bring Madeline Home website, and last time I checked he was talking about the weather. (Huh? Yeah, exactly my point)

And the Philippines isn't exempt from participating: last June 22, we released doves from San Pedro, Laguna simultaneously with other countries as symbol for hope in finding her.

My heart goes out this girl. Look at her, so pretty. I don't think they would want to hear what I have to say about the girl though.

A pretty girl like that would be dead by now. Why do I think so? Okay, here are the possibilities:

1. If she was kidnapped for slave trade or for some underground child-distribution purposes, they would know she's useless now because her face is plastered all over the world and nobody would want to acquire, even in the black market, highly recognizable stolen goods. Unless someone from inside the ring start coveting the reward money and find a way to hide their involvement, she's probably "disposed" of by now.

2. Some human trafficking rings don't always sell children as workers or as adoptees to rich, morally-unstable couples. Some of them sell children to wacko, sick men and women. Maddie must've been "acquired" already, subjected to their cruel depravity, and "released." I understand that some of them see children as the height of beauty and must be preserved as they are. Of course, preserve with formaldehyde is what they meant. Others just have subconscious hate instincts against beautiful children (esp. blond ones) and lock them in cages to play with them and make them cry. And then some do it for mad, evil sex.

3. She could also have accidentally died inside the hotel room, and not wishing controversy (ha! what stupidity!) a hotel worker not wishing to be blamed has disposed of the body. I have also heard somewhere that the Dad is suspect, if only because he looks too composed about it. Their theory is that, and I quote: "The Dad did it. He probably chanced upon maddie already dead inside the room, slipped in the bathroom or another accident which would explain the blood traces inside the room. And knowing that there are harsh laws in Britain which could sue them for neglect of the child, he probably thought it best to hide the body and feign the abduction. Or else they'd lose everything their practice as doctors, their dignity, community respect including their other 2 children."

But as for every Oracle, nothing is precise. So I'm leaving a sliver of hope here:

Someone must've kidnapped the kid, sequestered her in the middle of nowhere and they are just waiting for the furor to calm down. The hope there is to find her and to never let the furor down. Hard to do for twenty years and by then she'd be unrecognizable. So she could still be alive, but she's still lost to her parents.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope I'm very,very wrong. But someone has to think logically and not be swept away by the Teddy Bears, and the Beckham recommendations and flying doves. Someone has got to play the CSI. I hope they find somebody like that.
I hope and I pray.

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