Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Walking through the city on a downcast day like today feels like being stuck in a film noir. Suddenly, it is all too important to see everything in the light of the un-sunshine pouring from the heavens.

This kind of days makes me feel more at ease with myself. It's as if the greyish tint of the surroundings lends me an extra dimension to see with. The surreal quality of it makes other people curse, but hey, I like surreal. It's waaaaaay better than reality sometimes.

Even my Ipod seems to be cooperating. I started with the heavenly violins playing Pachabel and then followed it up with a bevy of kitschy summer songs. Just by playing songs worshipping sunshine on a day it does not exist adds to the surrealism.


I woke up with really dark rings under my eyes and splotches of red on my face. Not a "pretty girl" day. But I doubt if anybody else would be waking pretty this morning. :) My bad face day isn't brought about by the weather though. It's this silly nightmare about manananggals and vampires. Chasing me. Me, Fighting them off.

Calling Dr. Freud, come here and blame it all on my mother. Ironically, my mother was in my dream and she was the one who warned me to stay away from a certain Randy because he's turned into a vampire. :)

The only Randy I know is a hired van driver in the Mt. Province and based on his conversation-starters, he is labeled as a black sheep by his tribe in Banawe because he hasn't married yet at the very old age of 28. I doubt if I'd be seeing him again. Another Randy I can remember is Jonathan Taylor Thomas' character in that old sitcom Home Improvement. I also doubt if they'd be resurrecting the show and turn it into something Addams Family-esque. Really. Not gonna happen.

Ergo, I am running away from an unknown Randy and the cult of vampires who initiated him. And in my dream, I climbed vines and flew on roofs to avoid him and finally beating them down by some now-really-vague miracle I somehow effected from the heavens. As it happens, this is also the story of my life. What a head trip.

When I woke up and saw myself in the mirror while taking a bath though, I frightened myself. Kasi nga ang itim itim talaga ng eye bags ko. And I honestly, honestly got scared thinking for about three seconds that maybe, I was bitten by the vampires after all and I turned into one of them.

And since there's not a ray of sunlight today, I haven't confirmed if I'd melt with direct contact with the light yet. So there. If tomorrow the sun comes out, you'd know if I'm a vampire because by then I would've gone splat as an ice cream on the pedestrian pathway.

By the way, my last will and testament is hidden inside the pink pillow on my parents' bed. If I melt or self-combust or turn into fine black dust, please let my sister know so she'd have no trouble finding it.

Thanks much!

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