Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Compilation of PBSP Ghost Stories

People are used to looking at me as crazy because of my sensitivity to the supernatural and preternatural. I don't always assert my point because I have always believed people have their own right to believe in what they want to. The issue had always been:

Skeptic: There are no ghosts. I've never seen, felt or even sensed one.

The problem is, if you don't have the sensitivity, of course you won't sense it. If your mind is used to thinking in logical circles and neatly boxed-in ideas, you wouldn't even begin to imagine it. But sometimes, in certain overtly unnnatural ways, logical people do experience what we do. I've compiled some of the stories some of my friends / acquiantances relayed to me, usually because they wanted to know if I've gone through something similar.

The Humming Girl

Our admin assistant in my old department does not usually come in early. But that day, she was the first in our office and was quite happy with the prospect of going home early later in the afternoon too. She was humming a general tune almost mindlessly. After a while, she heard something move in the mezzanine area (where my desk is). She thought I was already in the office. Her belief was solidified when the "Olivia" upstairs started humming along with her. She told us she called out my name, but did not receve an answer. She just assumed I had my headphones on. She hummed and then the girl upstairs hummed.

After a while, she had to go to the wash room and called out to "me" again that she'll just be out for a while. Again, no reply. She went out, walked towards the CR and promptly bumped into me who was just done timing in.

When she confirmed that I just walked in from the gate, we went back to the office to check who the humming girl upstairs was. Of course, you guessed it. Nobody's there.

The Reading Ghost

One of our directors in the office has the habit of going to work early. He loved reading his early morning newspaper and reveled in the quiet work room in the wee hours of the morning. One day, he went in earlier than usual and busied himself on his table. That's when he started to hear rustling newspaper in the farthest part of the room. Standing and moving closer to investigate, he was just in time to see ONE page of the newspaper lifted in the air and turned. He gasped.

The newspaper didn't move again.

The Peeker

PBSP has a dorm and we often have outsiders renting a bed for a night or two. One morning, I went into the office and found the guards more excited than usual. Their lackluster "good morning mam" turned into a "mam, may multo sa CR!"

What happened, i was told was, a foreigner visitor was bathing in the girl's bathroom o the second floor. She placed her soap on the floor (for some weird reason). After shampooing, she bent down to get her soap when from outside a hairy arm swiped it away from her hands. She freaked out, grabbed a towel and opened the shower curtains. Nobody was there. She even went as far as go out the CR to apprehend the rude person but the corridor was empty. She washed quickly then ran out of the building to tell the guards.

Crazy? Yes.

Unbelievable. Probably.

But all too real, unfortunately.

How about you? What's your story?

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  1. Ohhh, I have my own set of stories...maybe i should blog about it too. stop my depressing entries for a while.

    hey, congrats!