Friday, August 17, 2007

Swimsuit for Stormy Weather

Weird. You remember that entry I made just before we lef tfor Palawan? I said I wanted to buy a swimsuit that wouldn't make me look like a walking flower patch? And I said I just want a simple black one?

Well, rummaging through the Surplus Shop today, I found my ensemble. It's a black tank top just my size and black board shorts that covers the unmentionables on my thighs. Together thy just cost me around Php 450 as opposed to the Php 800 - Php 900 I was expecting if I bought them branded and in-season.

Of course it felt a little odd to be buying them in the middle of a ravaging storm that suspended classes for 3 days. But what do I know? Someday I might need to wear swim wear on my way to work, the way it keeps flooding the streets.

Trivial as it might sound, here's another proof that everything we want will be given at the right time. :p

Yey! Next summer, I will really go snorkeling again. :p

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