Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fat Girl Gets Boy

This, I found out today, is the summary of Hairspray the Movie. Oh, yeah, Tracy gets to dance on TV too which in turn led to the integration of colored people and white people in national broadcasting, I nearly forgot. I wouldn't gush about it, because that's like, pathetic. But I'll tell you this: (what the hell) I loved it. Some people would rather hang themselves from the rafters than watch a musical, but I loved it. I have to admit though as a fat girl myself that some parts were a teeny bitty unrealistic. I had to suspend disbelief numerous times, i.e.:

1. Zac Efron who plays the "Boy" noticed Nikki "Tracy" Blonsky when he saw her wiggling her hips in detention class. I mean, yeah, right. I could wiggle my hips and my nose to boot, fat lot that helped me. (no pun intended)

2. The story would have been more believable if Tracy was in love with the host of the dance show (Corny Collins played by James "I can Also shake my booty like a donkey on fire" Marsden) and then find out she wants Efron instead. That would've been a more realistic situation. Zac was just too cute, too nice, too popular and too sensible ALL at the same time; someone as handsome or popular as that is not believable having his his head not wrapped around his arse. I want to believe guys like that exist, but my imagination fails me.

3. John Travolta as a woman. 'Nuf said.

But it was entertaining and I wanted it so badly to be my life. Hay. if my life was a movie, I should be darn famous and loved by now. But sadly, I don't use Hairspray. So, all I can do is make reviews in a nondescript blog and gush about Zac Efron and hate the fact that he's even younger than my sister. hay....

Killer eyes over ozone killers anytime.

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