Sunday, March 23, 2008


The motor of our water pump was stolen.

True. We rarely go home anymore and the thief have had lots of opportunities to get into the backyard and do whatever they want. Our no-good dogs probably watched him dissemble the thing.

I have turned my back on everything occult, but it's so very tempting to call on the earthly spirits I have felt near our house to freak the livin' daylights off the next person who even as much breathe inside the compound without our consent. Some freaky dwende to make kalabit the next person who tries to dislodge any lock, disturb any cranny or do anything illegal. A kapre to kick the person's gut out. And even the boy-ghost, who I am yet to meet but has made the acquaintance of the other house members, it'll be handy to have him float around to terrify a thief to stone. But... they're tricky creatures and I do not want to know what their end of the bargain will be like.

I just hate being violated this way. My sanctuary being breached. Bastards who don't know how hard it is to have both parents die and try to run a household. That motor will cost me thousands of pesos, money which doesn't grow on trees. Mga hinayupak na yun. Wag lang sana ako panghinaan ng pananampalataya, kasi, isusumpa ko talaga sila. Mahuhulog mga ipin nila, makakalbo sila, gagalisin sila, at kung anuman ang binili nila ginamit yung perang pinambenta ng motor namin, magiging abo.

mamatay na kayo.

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