Friday, March 14, 2008

In His Shoes

Everyday, I try to fill in the shoes you left behind.

When you took this picture, maybe you didn't know that it will be the most important photo I will hold on to after you're gone. When you took this picture, all I was thinking of was how not to trip on your overlarge shoes. When this picture was taken, both of us had no idea what we were capturing would eventually point me to my life's direction.

Now, more than ever, I realized how big and heavy they were. I still trip on them and stumble around. But more and more now, it feels like I'm wearing two floating ships which steers on its own as well. All I have to do is trust it, and it'll bring me where I need to go. Somewhere --- I am always hoping---- nearer you.

Daddy, trust me, I will never stop trying.

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