Sunday, March 09, 2008

Blood Red Tomato

Tell me if there's a psychological explanation for this, because it baffles me no end. I have been craving for food that has got tomatoes or tomato sauce in it. So for a whole week, I have partnered every dish with chopped tomatoes (made interesting with pepper, garlic and onions), or pairing it up with salad dressing, or drenching pasta in sour-sweet real tomato sauce or that perfect pizza with soft squishy tomatoes on top (think Sbarro Chicago Everything not Yellow Cab).

Anything that has the red fruit on it (it is a technically a fruit, right?) won't last 5 minutes on the dinner table. I'm starting to wonder if there's a lycopene-induced growth we all pass through, or I'm just plain going bonkers.

It's all Chef D'Angelo's red sauce pasta's fault. That's what started me on red sauces. Now, I'm hooked and I cannot, for the life of everything that's red in the world, ever get enough.

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