Tuesday, March 25, 2008

“My mom is a special person --- this cannot happen to her for no reason…”
-Kris Aquino

I can help her understand a thing or two, this little girl Kris.

Suffering happens to everyone --- rich, poor, naïve, jaded, young, old, fat, thin ---- everyone.

Tragedy strikes anyone ---- ex-president or not, wise or otherwise --- anyone.

Nobody is special to the eyes Fate.

There is always a reason --- but more often than not it is something we cannot make sense of.

The way Kris said it, it sounded like she’s fully expecting her mother to recover and add Cancer Survivor to her brilliant resume. She sounded as if implying ‘Nothing too bad will happen because she’s special.’ Add to that, “God cannot do this to me, because I’m special too.”

No, don’t smirk at her. It’s crippled thinking, but an instinctive one. The people we love are special, and there will always be the tendency to think: No, It Won’t Happen Here. She sounded like me, a couple of years ago.

Oh no, not My Daddy. He’s special. Loved by the Lord, loved by everyone, a brilliant teacher, no, not him.

Of course those blots in my Mom’s lungs ain’t cancer, she’s special, she’s already survived losing one breast. I mean, lightning cannot strike twice, right? And besides, if God will save anyone, He will save her.

And me, I’m a good girl. Don’t do drugs, not even disco. He’ll give me this one request. Right? Right?

But the scythe is wielded by Forces beyond our bargaining power. I have learned that the harshest way possible.

Kris, it’s just your turn. Your Mom may make it. I pray she does. But sometimes, God has other plans. Your Mom may succumb. Face it, squared shoulders and all. And most importantly, be there by her side. Be there. Don’t ever ever ever ever ever let down your vigilance or you may lose your chance at a good goodbye. Don’t add more salt to the wound this process will give you.

Trust me. I know how much more it will hurt without goodbye.

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