Monday, March 24, 2008


Name one childhood thing that you can’t resist but return to no matter how hard you try to shake it off, and I’ll give you mine.

Ice Cream Cones? Computer Games? Skipping Rope? Bakelite cakes? Hero Figurines? Really you?

Well, me, it’s playing The Sims. And that’s just the first in a long list (so I indulge on my inner child, what?)

It’s a god-thing. The one and only time you can actually be in control of your environment, the people around you, when to make them shit or bathe or have babies, fall in love with the person you want them to fall for… It’s uber-cool. And best of all, there are cheat codes. Life can take a shortcut. Why work your ass off when you could just press ctrl+shift+c then type in motherlode and you’d have 50 grand just like that? This leaves your character to enjoy studying/sleeping around/indulging in their extreme OC-ness. They can have as many freakin’ children as they want and call the Nanny day and night so they could frolic around. It is uh-mazing.

I probably play it because (calling Dr. Frued) I am trying to live the life I want to live in this video game. I want to never worry about money, I want Adam Levine to fall in love and have 3 kids with me, I want to be a genius extraordinaire, I want to be a slacker, I want to have Woohoo day and night. And I want the satisfaction of a life really lived so I multi-task everyone inside the house.

The new thing with Sims 2 is that they now age, so the characters now will actually die in maybe 80 game-days. My Adam in the game is 69 days old already, and will probably die at 75. Last night I dreamt that Death wearing a black Godfather suit came to him and all I had to do was to keep my hand from fumbling as I right right-clicked the mouse and pressed Bargain for Life. Guess what? He got one more day. He took Via to a nice restaurant, made one last Woohoo, played with the kids and then when Death came again, right-click, press, and there you are, one more day --- again.

I don’t know if the game works that way. That was just my sub-conscious playing around with the game controls. I guess I’ll find out in a few days when Death will really come to my Adam Sim for real.

But just to assure you I haven’t gone the downward spiral AND hit rock bottom, I’ll tell you that I haven’t made a Burgos family simulation yet so that I can keep my parents alive forever. Just the thought of making them do Woohoo makes me ---- nauseous.

So there’s hope for me yet. :D

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