Sunday, March 02, 2008

Duh the Ditz

It's a sad, sad day for me when I realized that my sister, Ella, who cannot even spell or define "mnemonics" and my close friend, Ian, whose short-term goal in life is to buy a Gundam DIY Robot, knows more about the ZTE issue than I do.

Before you judge me apathetic though, consider first that Sis does work in Senate and the words "ZTE" and "JPEPA" falls from her colleagues' mouth more often than they could breathe. Yes, that's how caught up they are in it. Obviously, Mar Roxas, who's positioning himself for a presidency (or so others say) needs to be constantly updated. Give me an issue that's making the rounds of the Senate hearing sessions, and be sure Ella knows it. But ask her directions to Monumento coming from Munoz and you'll end up in Zamboanga.

Ian, on the other hand, is a man (or rather --- boy) obsessed. His usual 89.9 radio station was replaced by Radyo Balita when Lozada was testifying. A couple of times while hitching a ride to the LRT, things have gotten so quiet and weird (he was so busy listening he couldn't converse as his neurons are engaged somewhere else) that I forced myself to say pseudo-intelligent questions aloud just so to hear something beside the machinitron voices coming from the radio. Ask him any ZTE-related fact or personality and he can relay to you the lengthy history and processes involved in the whole scam. He can tell you who said what and who brought who where and when. Then try asking him what he wants for dinner and you'd be lucky to get a general food group in response:GO, GROW or GLOW.

Have I completely gone ditzy? Again?

Wasn't there a time I cared? When I marched to oust Erap from his seat? When I boycotted certain shoe brands for treating their employees unfairly? When I (almost) gave up KFC because of the monstrosity they were allegedly doing to test tube chickens?

My misgiving about ousting GMA is this: who will replace her again? Noli de Castro? Manny Villar (aka Boy Botox --- ask any Senate staff)?

We ousted Erap and look who took over. But the hell before I support him or any of his cronies to regain the presidency.I care. I do. But I'm still figuring out the truth I want to support. I want to make sure there are no more hidden agendas (huh! dream on, right?), and that we aren't pawns of anybody else's machinations. Never again will I let myself be swayed by mere words or promises.

I think every Filipino needs a personal revolution first before staging any loud outward ones. Think hard. Think harder. Feel hard. Feel harder.

Juan (Liv/Joey/Dingdong/Susie/Girlie/whatever), what do you really want? And don't start quoting the Spice Girls please.What do we really want? How do we get there?

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